Full Spectrum Light

In full spectrum light
at this moment, now
she plays to my

Fingers glide across
the strings
as I forget to breathe.

She bridges my thoughts
with her musical timing
attuned to my sense of wonder.

Whisks me up as light as air
with textures in notes
to pleasure even the
gloomiest of moods.

Is she fairy?
Is she Angel?
Is she even really there?

No matter
if I think she is
..she is

and her notes match
my kaleidoscopic dreams


©   Daydreamertoo       *All rights reserved

Might take me a while to get around to everyone taking part at dVerse. Had an accident yesterday and badly scalded thumb & 2 fingers. Was trying to see if the washer needed changing and forgot *rolls eyes* to turn the hot water off under the sink. Had a gusher of boiling water and was trying to screw the stopper thing back in against the pressure of water… getting my fingers scalded but not realising how badly….Duuuhhhh.
Had to go the the ER. Have 2nd degree burns. So been making this post since last night and, am having problems trying to type as I’m also right handed and at best only ever use two index fingers to type as it is. Making more typos than actual typing so please excuse, will do my best to visit you all.
The show must go on.  We are all super troopers for our craft after all   🙂

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

34 thoughts on “Full Spectrum Light”

  1. Great write, daydreamer! I could imagine how painful it would be to use those injured fingers for now. Speedy recovery, Ma’am!


  2. OMG!!! Your comment means even more! I hope you take care of you, rest, put those fingers up, we all will understand, so shall the craft. Awesome time to try taping your pieces instead of writing them 🙂 xoxoxox

  3. Delightful and gentle.
    Love the play with fantasy.

    “No matter
    if I think she is
    ..she is”

    Just lovely.
    Hope those fingers heal soon!

  4. “Fingers glide across
    the strings
    as I forget to breathe.”

    I love the mood evoked overall in this, but by those lines especially. Wonderful write, now take of yourself and give those fingers a rest.

  5. My favorite solo instrument is the harp and you captured my sense of wonder perfectly. Loved it – hope you feel better soon.

  6. I too wish for recovery. Unless she identifies herself, she is what she is and what she is seen as through the eyes of the MC. Superb.

  7. I hope she is an angel so she can help heal your wounds, gorgeous as always. I’m so sorry to hear/see your accident. Do feel better soon; you’re always an inspiration to us poets!

  8. This is a beautiful ethereal poem, Bren. I love ‘kaleidoscope dreams.’ Your fingers look awful…do take good care of yourself as you heal!

  9. ‘Whisks me up as light as air
    with textures in notes’

    The soft textures of your words invoke such serenity. Really beautifully written.

    (Hope you heal quickly and feel better soon!!)

  10. Love the way you penned this. Hope your hand heals soon. Had a similar experience with really hot steam from a kettle. Didn’t know steam could burn that bad. Had the scar for a few weeks.

  11. The poem is a delightful wisp of musical fairy bliss, I enjoyed every word like a delicate morsel. I am upset your precious hands got burned and hope and pray you heal quickly. Burns are very painful. Well done for soldiering on!

  12. us poets dont come to blogs just for replies, but to enjoy the work… so let those fingers rest! gentle poem… love the twist of strings on an instrument and romance!

  13. Lovely piece, but I’m so sorry about your burns. I know that must be painful. No need to worry about replies. Take care!

  14. oh no, ouch ouch ouch!
    you rest up and get better…

    love this one, this stanza:
    Fingers glide across
    the strings
    as I forget to breathe.

    yes… and now i shall be looking for kaleidoscopic dreams

  15. Oh my god ! Poor Bren I hope you do not suffer too …
    Even if your fingers are sick, your words are so beautiful.
    Well done ! ….. and take care of yourself especially 😉

  16. oh my goodness on the burns bren…i am so sorry, i know that hurts too…ack…do take care of yourself…

    lovely pic to go with your verse…perhpas she is an angel, regardless she seems to bring peace on kaleidiscope dreams you know…smiles…

  17. My goodness, you managed a poem like that without fingers? It is so beautiful, Bren……..the last two lines are spectacular. So sorry you got so badly burned. Very painful. Bravo for posting regardless.

  18. No matter
    if I think she is
    ..she is…. nice..!! and there are sure notes that match our kaleidoscopic dreams like they were meant to do nothing else…

    and..oh heck…take it easy and give your fingers the time to recover again..

  19. Yeah all depends on ones persperctive and if you think she is there, she is.

    Ouch! What were you trying to touch that you shouldn’t have been? Sure that got a bloody hell or two..hahaha

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