Feeds my Soul

Sunlight plays across and through the
softness of her pure white down.

She teases each one
into place.
Maybe she has babies there
nestled in. She pets
protects and covers them
with her love.

Serene inside the
comfort of her being
Heaven’s water music plays
as she glides
creating ripple effect
across the water
in touching triumph
of her spirit

without even being

She feeds my soul.


© Daydreamertoo     *All rights reserved

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

25 thoughts on “Feeds my Soul”

  1. she feeds my soul…

    makes me think of my children. I also feel like this when I watch the birds that fly over and swim on a nearby lake… and when I watch my horses in the pasture. Beautiful work.

  2. Awesome imagery here. Love it. And the lines at the end,without even being

    She feeds my soul. outstanding. Great read. Thanks

  3. I love that last line, she feeds my soul. This is beautiful, as always. = )

  4. Damn…that was a little fprayer for a Monday afternoon. Soft and gentle with a tone that could lull a crying baby to sleep. Great writing.

  5. I love the imagery you’ve created with the ripple effect and how the ripple affects you here:

    “without even being

    She feeds my soul.”

    Such a deep and beautiful poem, Daydreamertoo!

  6. wow she feeds mine as well through your words…so much serentiy in watching her care…and the gentle ripples that flow from it…smiles.

  7. without even being

    She feeds my soul.

    this is also the effect your poetry- rippling, peaceful, serene- has on me… thank you!

  8. Just never know what one can see when they look, as others unaware feed you at your lair. Hope it filled you up too!

  9. This is a beautiful capture of the way nature woos us, unfolds our being, and makes us feel one with its energy while wrapped in its arms.

    My favorite words are “water music” and “She teases each one into place.” And she doesn’t even know the effect she’s having on you. Lovely piece.

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