Sleeping Beauty with a Twist

Image by Alex Stoddard

He’s Sleeping Beauty
with a gender twist in the tale.
Harry Houdini couldn’t have
painted a better picture
of a means to escape.

Alone in a forest
he’s challenging freedom
at its core.

Is freedom found in
endlessly running away
is it in blocking every
sense that invades
through the day
and, focusing on one.

He holds his breath and
sees his truths as the
world revolves around him.


© Daydreamertoo        *All rights reserved

Shared with Tess Kinkaid Of Magpie Tales #114

Origami Dragons

As the music reached its coda, almost the end of its movement, the origami dragon too, moved with such shimmy.
Spangling delicately sewn along its scales sparkled in abstract light. It’s creator had shelved the others leaving them
to ferment in their silent paper cacophony of aches and creased complaints as she continued to put on an exquisite,
ethereal show to the delight of her enchanted audience.


After I had written this, I was amazed to find a picture of an actual origami dragon being used in a dance.  It was meant to be 🙂

Shared with  The Sunday whirl #53