The Debt

For all the wrongs
the horror and the pain
for all those souls who died
to show they hadn’t died in vain
they sought justice for the crimes
It’s only right those guilty
should pay.

The mission went so badly wrong
when she saw the monster as a man
because, she didn’t fully understand
he saw her kind as less than human.

He was the one who got away
and for thirty years
the three lied
the truth will always out.

One couldn’t live with the
another so consumed with hate
he couldn’t see beyond vengeance
and she,
She was left to wear many different scars.

Once they knew his whereabouts again
despite his advancing years
the monster was alive
the debt had yet
to be paid
duty still had to be met.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

I saw this movie The Debt recently and am always impressed with Helen Mirren’s acting.
Sad subject but, I do believe those who commit any such hideous war crimes should pay for them no matter how many years have passed between the acts and their being caught.

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

22 thoughts on “The Debt”

  1. Those debts must be paid no matter how long it’s been…I have not seen the movie yet but I am going to. Thanks for letting me know about this post .

  2. There’s no statute of limitations on murder and rightly so. It’s the worst of crimes, which must find human justice for the social orderbto maintain its balance and justification. Any social order built on murder and deceit betokens a corrupt order that must eventually die from the inside out. I think this notion that crimes against humanity must somehow be forgotten, given the passage of time, is mistaken. Forgiveness, after social awareness does not mean forgetfulness, which it is too often misconceived as.

  3. i love helen mirren, haven’t seen this yet but it is on my list…
    even without the movie, this is a great poem dealing with an important issue.

  4. Haven’t seen the film but this speaks to me about an obligation to justice , maybe even revenge in some instances – this was strong in its emotion, it’s power – Loved the form- you always have a great way of sculpting words that just adds to the engagement- really draws the eye in.

  5. Not sure what but the verse is relevant to ‘the holocaust’ episodes.. The tracking of Eichmamn took decades.


  6. Very good write. You know, I see virtually every movie that comes out, and you wrote about one I did want to see but at the time it was up, just never got around to I know what I’ll be ordering on VOD very soon. Great read. Thanks

  7. Yes… Helen Mirren was wonderful in this movie…actually every movie she’s in but this was a particularly good role… it certainly leaves an impression and your poem describes it well!

  8. I too am a Helen Mirren fan~ I haven’t seen this movie, but your poem makes me want to! You did a great job leaving us in wonder~

  9. Never saw this one yet, but yeah doesn’t matter how long it has been. You commit the crime you do the time.

  10. so it’s like they went in circles and seemed so busy and still nothing got done, and they still have to do stuff…so it’s like they are trying to create more drama in their lives

    duty to challenge

  11. I do like to think the truth will always out. I think we find out many situations in which it does, thus can quote the saying. I do think, however, (unfortunately) that there are situations that truth does not come out…but we don’t ever discover this. Sorry about a bit of cynicism.

  12. I agree that no long how much time has passed, one should have to pay for their crime, whatever it may be.

  13. Not an easy lighthearted topic. I can see how that can take hold of one.
    Never go to the cinema, so I shall have to wait till it reaches TV.

  14. I’m not familiar with the movie or storyline, but I love your second stanza and last line.

  15. i agree…i think there are things that don’t prescribe.. i could feel you writing comes straight from the heart… seems that film really touched you….might need to check it out..

  16. i would agree that justice should be served on those that commit such henious crimes…regardless of the years…not sure i have seen that movie…i will have to check it out…

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