The Debt

For all the wrongs
the horror and the pain
for all those souls who died
to show they hadn’t died in vain
they sought justice for the crimes
It’s only right those guilty
should pay.

The mission went so badly wrong
when she saw the monster as a man
because, she didn’t fully understand
he saw her kind as less than human.

He was the one who got away
and for thirty years
the three lied
the truth will always out.

One couldn’t live with the
another so consumed with hate
he couldn’t see beyond vengeance
and she,
She was left to wear many different scars.

Once they knew his whereabouts again
despite his advancing years
the monster was alive
the debt had yet
to be paid
duty still had to be met.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

I saw this movie The Debt recently and am always impressed with Helen Mirren’s acting.
Sad subject but, I do believe those who commit any such hideous war crimes should pay for them no matter how many years have passed between the acts and their being caught.

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