We Must Be The Change

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut
finding we are not happy.
The soul cries.
Eyes shed its tears in
drops of liquid pain.

We can’t see the wood for
the trees and, sleep is
not a friend.

we need to see this
pain as the reminder
of our need to change.
It is often the teacher
we choose to ignore.

The heart and mind sometimes
lie to each other to keep
within that comfort of
the known
the soul always seeks its
truths in light and
not in darkness.

Things cannot change unless
we become willing to take
that leap of faith
that one small step of
hope and trust it needs
to change the view of
our world.

we must be the change.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

Gandhi was such a wise and, gentle man.  He had the light of love and, shared it.

Shared with Poets United #93 Quotes

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