The truth shall set you Free

Sometimes truth is elusive
we convince ourselves something
is right for us when, it isn’t
right for us at all

we hold on even though our
hearts ache from the weight
of repeating the same mistake.

Letting go of love
is the hardest lesson
I’ve learned.

The winding path
between alternate realities
is never simple
but the views are spectacular
if God lights the way
you really believe
the truth shall set you free.


© Daydreamertoo             *All rights reserved

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

9 thoughts on “The truth shall set you Free”

  1. letting go of love is the blood in the veins of this one. i also like the distinction you demonstrate between believe and convince in regard to truth.

  2. Sometimes we think the truth is too hard, but it always is freedom, it always is better than the alternative. You really wrote the tension of that feeling here.

  3. whew…true that…letting go of love…ugh that is such a hard place bren….that last stanza is just about perfect…loved this…

  4. Sometimes I think we do not always know what is right for us. But I think if we sincerely seek God will send us in the right direction. And yes there is nothing harder than letting go of love.

  5. Oh this is deep life wisdom. And the hardest thing to do, we cling to the idea of love, ignoring our intuition at our peril. I especially love “the views are spectacular if God lights the way”. Beautiful, kiddo.

  6. Beautiful poem – and I love the photo + how you wove all those thoughts together -blessings

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