The Sacred Feminine

Love is the drug of which
she’s sometimes guilty of
too much dependence.

Too, too fragile
a fine bone china
she is so easy to break
at times
but somehow she finds
the way to mend.

She makes mistakes but
always pays the price.

She’s strong,

She’s kept secrets
for her best friend
would die before revealing.

Makes promises despite shadows
which rumple the smoothness
of her day.

She is wife,
she is mother,
she is sister,

She is all beautiful
women of the world

sacred feminine.


© Daydreamertoo       *All rights reserved

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

24 thoughts on “The Sacred Feminine”

  1. smiles…where would we be without the women in our lives….they are so much to us…and so much more than we often appreciate…lovely write bren…

  2. She breaks just like a little girl (but makes love like a woman)…your poem is a splendid echoing of this but even more a rejoicing of the dual nature of the feminine. Oh, that we can do it all, and guilt that we cannot, we love, we trust, we break, we heal, we go on. I want to believe again after reading your lovely joyful poem.

  3. Words like fine china..and so be feminine is an uneasy balance of strength and delicateness..breaks and glue lines add distinction to the form..Jae

  4. “Love is the drug of which
    she’s sometimes guilty of
    too much dependence.” – so true~

    A delicate painting of womanhood, sublime!

  5. You give a lot to think about in your portrayal of womanhood. You have a delicate touch with words, to create sensitive and thought-provoking pieces.

  6. I echo Mary’s comments about the interconnectedness of women, and I love those last few lines.

  7. lovely tribute to womanhood! This line “despite shadows
    which rumple the smoothness
    of her day.” is definitive in my mind of the whole poem, eloquent yet show the grace and determination of the woman.

  8. I love how you compared her to fine,bone china! Strong yet so delicate…really works well in this poem! Well Done

  9. how beautiful this is, reverential even… and it’s true, love can be a drug that unbalances us, but I think only until we find the goddess within

  10. This is lovely. All women of the world are interconnected somehow in the ‘sacred feminine.’ A wise and thoughtful write!

  11. Too, too fragile
    a fine bone china

    Oh, I could just see the fine fissure, that rupture that still somehow manages to hold together. Beautiful poem all together, Daydreamertoo!

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