A letter is a bridge of thought
his words are written in the sky.
Step light across the space lest you
disturb and lose the message
in those clouds
there is a truth of touch
felt in the deepest depths
of longing.

An empty chair
in an empty room

She waits for…

A silhouette against the wall
now, so unsure.

The telephone hangs
suspended there in time
and still

She waits for…

It was one man’s dream.
His wish
she would love again.

His voice doesn’t need a
telephone line to tell her this
he has a direct line wrapped
around and, inside her heart
along with all the love he
gave her so very long ago.

The door is open
trees, lush, green, alive.
He wants her to also live
to leave the empty chair and room
to fill herself again with love
to laugh
yet still

She waits for…


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved


Aware of how a friend is feeling over grieving for her husband who passed away in June 2009. She asked me what thoughts I might have and, what I might write for the picture (above) that she emailed me.

For M.

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

31 thoughts on “Silhouette”

  1. How very generous, tempered with good intentions. She would have to reciprocate and appreciate ! Great write

  2. One can only wish that life will move on, as it is wont to do. This is sad and loving, bringing home to me that passion and love that it seems life itself must kill to move on. It’s terrifying how our loves string themselves into the very synapses that define us. Wonderfully written words.

  3. I’m certain your friend appreciates your words, so gentle and expressive of what she might be feeling.

  4. he has a direct line wrapped
    around and, inside her heart

    love these lines, and the sense of melancholy suspense in this piece. i hope it brings some solace to your friend in her grief.

  5. I love this. Sometimes the form of a poem complements the words so well, and here, in this subtly painful work, it does.

  6. I admire your acceptance of this task. You capture the grief, the sense of suspension, and profound love well. She is fortunate to have you in her life.

  7. This is just beautiful. I have a friend, in only her mid30’s, who lost her husband less than a year ago. The grief is immense, and the “suspension” feeling is so true. Thank you for sharing this poignant piece.

  8. I just LOVE this! Love his lush green dream of life for her, how it rushes in to the stark poem silhouette to sweep us readers off our feet.

  9. He will always live in her heart. She doesn’t have to let him completely go to experience life and what is waiting for her (perhaps another love). This is what it means to be alive – yes, we honor the dead by living life, not being dead to life. I see the phone has the receiver dangling… I think she needs to put it back on the hook and let it ring!

    I liked your poem… made me really think about what it would be like to loose my dear husband… boy am I going to give him a kiss when he gets home! 🙂

  10. So sad and beautiful. He would want her to be happy…she only need take one day at a time and when love will come…it will.

  11. The image and the words melt into one and leave the reader somewhere between the joy of love and the sadness of longing.

  12. A sad poem- longing and heartbreaking- that everything will actually be ok- here I think you capture that pain

  13. my heart is heavy for her in her waiting…i am glad she has the love of this man…and that love can be transmitted even without modern technology through the heart…i hope she wakes soon…

  14. His voice doesn’t need a
    telephone line to tell her this
    he has a direct line wrapped
    around and, inside her heart….love the deep connection in here…though so sad that she’s in that space of emptiness…of waiting..maybe she just needs a bit more time…

  15. This is beautiful … She received love … She will give love … The key to happiness is right there … Only one more step, girl …

    1. That was quite an important task you had to perform.
      it should give her solace to see your way of thinking on it.

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