A Life of Beautiful Days

Image by Susie Clevenger Kearney Depot

A journal written long ago
the book of days I owned
Memories forgotten in a
network of tunnels of the
mind’s most complex maze
suddenly raised back from
the dead as page after page
is re-worn.

Inside the darkness
sometimes struggles go un-noticed
we come undone
Derailed from lines in those endless
caves and caverns.

Love cuts deep
loneliness even deeper to the core
all railways have stations
a terminus, and
all tunnels have an end
even endless ones.

“Listen to the rhythm of
the falling rain child.
Let it fall soft and wash
you clean.
Look again beyond what you know.
Step out of the dark
into the light and you will
see love still lives its own
life of beautiful days.”


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

Image by Susie Clevenger Excellent Poet & Photographer.
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