London Underground

First underground railway opened in 1863
London Underground, used as bomb shelters during WW2

On an old staircase
going down, down down
into the bowels of hell
(to a claustrophobic)
Temperature rising from
sweating Victorian walls
and, for a few minutes
I’ve left behind
the amazing, sad old
bad old, streets of London
for a different mix of
magic and grime.

I’ve traveled on most of them
in my time.
Eleven in all
which run through the heart
of this dirty old town
and circle its outer limits
like cowboys used to
circle the wagons.

to name some.

Each trip, has their memories.

I listened to the old
clackety clack, clackety clack
of wheels on an underground train.
A train on the tracks
which my heart tries to match
as it beats out its
rhythm and rhyme.

(I remember)
a woman across the aisle
her mouth too, a non-stop
yackety yack
I don’t hear what she’s saying
so I don’t mind.

Buckingham Palace
Kensington Palace
The Tower and, crown jewels
St. James’s Park
(where I’ve picnicked)
Nelson’s column
Trafalgar Square

All seen so many times
but, I never counted as
each was well worth seeing
again and again
and all within such easy reach
from the underground trains.


© Daydreamertoo                       *All rights reserved

During World War 11 many of London’s underground stations were used as bomb shelters all through the Blitz.
Through the nights of non-stop air raids people, sang, chatted, tried to sleep, alongside family or, total strangers. No-one cared as long as they were safe from the bombing of the streets above.
Although I can be pretty claustrophobic, I’ve always found the London Underground and its myriad of tunnels quite fascinating.

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