Rocket Man

Google images: Kim Jong Un

We held our breath (those of us who cared)

The world’s press were invited to watch (despite global condemnation)

The rocket would launch a satellite for weather research. (really, a ballistic missile test)

We waited, breathe batied, would they launch despite everything? (yes they did)

But in the end thankfully, it was a damp squid.


I expect heads will roll for this spectacular public belly flop. I (for one) am so pleased it failed. Imagine the danger to the rest of the world if this country goes nuclear along with Iran too….shudders.

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11 thoughts on “Rocket Man”

  1. This is an absolutely brilliant commentary on the issue we watched play and fizzle out this week. Damp squid…..marvelous description!

  2. I’m glad it failed but it leads me to wonder what other kinds of failures they might have, perhaps catastrophically. If they can’t even launch a rocket, can you imagine what a nuclear energy program might turn into, even if the intent was truly peaceful? Perhaps they should focus on feeding their people and worry about fancy toys later on.

  3. LOL that face it priceless

    But yeah I am glad it failed too. There should be no need for such weapons anywhere, North Korea are scary and prob the ones to start something if it comes. But on the flipside you have to look at countries like America trying to exert their authority over everyone over some big fear they may be attacked when they’ve been singing that same old song and dance for years. All about keeping the world in a panic so they can get away with their little wars and such.

  4. Well spoken, kd and Brian … speaking of the other “rocket man” … Elton John is coming to Alberta 🙂

  5. I do find myself wondering if this failed on its own or it if was shot down. Japan had threatened to shoot it down if it got close at all. And who knows what other ways this could have been made to ‘accidentally’ fail. But really, North Korea is a loose cannon, and it seems will continue to be with this new (but still the same – sigh) regime.

    1. Hi Bren, I read your reply on my blog. I agree it is frightening that they may now test under the ocean. Probably will definitely do this, as one of the things about North Korea is that it feels humiliated now and will want to do something that will save face. Actually I think that in the world today, North Korea is MUCH more frightening than Iran.

  6. ha. i saw the news last night and i am glad it failed…i agree with kd, it can be and why people try to scare the rest of the world i will never know..

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