Precipice of Time

Always sailing close to the edge
on the precipice of time. Trying to move
beyond ego and, into the sublime.

The rivers of life lead to
white foam falling
wherein, lies the heart of all longing.

I live, eat and breathe through passion. Yes passion.
It’s the key which opens every door for me.
My sea of life boils and plays with endless musical
movement amid that effervescence of smoldering desire.

Pondering this and other things upon the precipice
completely aware that the past is gone
but the present is still mine.


© Daydreamertoo                     *All rights reserved

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Rocket Man

Google images: Kim Jong Un

We held our breath (those of us who cared)

The world’s press were invited to watch (despite global condemnation)

The rocket would launch a satellite for weather research. (really, a ballistic missile test)

We waited, breathe batied, would they launch despite everything? (yes they did)

But in the end thankfully, it was a damp squid.


I expect heads will roll for this spectacular public belly flop. I (for one) am so pleased it failed. Imagine the danger to the rest of the world if this country goes nuclear along with Iran too….shudders.

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