Trayvon Martin Measure of Life

Out of chaos
comes order
(so they say).


How simple it is
if we allow it to be

How fragile too.

All measured in heart beats.

I don’t want much
there are no rough edges
on the contours of my need.

Say the words I want to feel
not the words you think I want to hear.
We positively resonate
and, radiate in our truths.

Tick, tock, tick, tock
that blessed clock I love to hate
beats in precise measurements
of man-made time, reminding me
I too, have numbered days.

The grey creeps up with stealth
to my crowning glory along with
a wealth of history in newest
facial lines and, bones which ache
but O, how they
love this precious gift of life.

On parallel lines of thought
and of lives between them

yes finally
they too, drew some welcome lines
(better late than never)
when, yesterday they took a man and
placed him in a small square box
for a while
(I hope)
until he faces trial.

Maybe then
and only then
with cold, hard scientific facts
and other irrefutable evidence
a jury of 12 will be tasked
to decide guilt, or not
and maybe then,

There will be justice for a child.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

None of us knows the full truth yet of what happened that night in Sanford, Florida and a person is innocent until proven guilty but I have asked myself; if this had been reversed and a black man had shot and killed a white boy through ‘standing his ground’ I don’t think they would have hesitated to have held that man in custody and, maybe even have charged him with an offence.
Sometimes the law is an ass.
The boy (as far as we know) had no weapon. The man was practically stalking him after being told by police not to follow him. The man was older, bigger, heavier and he had a gun, with no legal right to be using it at all that night. Maybe because he thought the boy was a young street ‘punk’ he was being a bully. We don’t know all the proven facts yet. So far, it is all speculation.
We don’t know if the man’s life was in danger or not.
I do feel that Trayvon Martin should not have died that night.
For the sake of his family and their peace of mind, although it won’t help bring him back to them but maybe, it will show them that their young son has not died in vain if justice is served because, it matters that it is and, his young life matters to so many people. People like me, who believe  racism, bigotry nor hatred for our fellow man should exist.
I hope what happened to Trayvon will bring about changes in the stupidity of a law which entitles people who feel threatened by someone to use deadly force simply because they happen to think their lives are in danger. What will they do next, allow you to kill someone because they look at you the wrong way!  That stand your ground law is ludicrous and needs to be stamped out asap.
I hope the factual truth of what happened is made public and, whatever the outcome, have to believe that justice will have been upheld.
One day (maybe) we will wake up and ‘see’ we are one race who live on this planet, the human race, and no matter our colour, our country, or beliefs, we are all a part of one family and thus, connected.

Trayvons’s life and tragic death, matters to me, as it should matter to all of us.

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