Nothing but a Memory

Image: Sabine Wurz

Can’t think how I got here.
I Just can’t.
Everything seems to be
as I remember
it isn’t.

I know I’m alive
my memory is intact.

If I could locate someone
then at least

I feel a slight draft
lifting my hair
I feel it.

I know these streets
but, the buildings…
I don’t know them anymore.

Why are there no darned people?

Nothing is, as was.

I should be scared
there’s a certain serenity inside
keeping the panic from rising.

Someone, is here. I can’t see
but do sense their arrival.
Suddenly a voice floods
my mind.

‘You are not you
as you once knew esistence.
You died
over 200 years ago.
you are but a memory, awakened
to God’s consciousness in
the corridors of time.’


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

He has only just ‘awakened’ and so he hasn’t met anyone else yet and confused, is still trying to find his bearings. 🙂

Shared with Three Word Wednesday CCLXV11 #Draft, Locate, Serenity
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Poetry Jam #Mystery The prompt was write something about mystery. Interesting challenge.

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