Morning mist greets.
A pleasant, moist kiss
to lips that have waited
to say ‘hello’

I could never be indifferent.

You arrive
Slowly, pull, pull pull me
out of darkness I’m sometimes
reluctant to leave.

Sunshine finds its way through
chinks in lace
lighting up my face
showing fairies and angels
as silent, dancing shadows
on the walls.

(Still waking)
I smile at the wonder of it all.

Moment by moment
life in tiny snapshots
to keep as souvenirs
(in mind)
for some future point in time
or remembering why it was
we laughed or, cried as
we floated through this world
sometimes without a care
for all its miracles.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

FYI: To those (who don’t already know) lovely readers who have subscribed to my blog via Feedburner, you may have to subscribe again (please) The reason is that yesterday I migrated back to wordpress.com from wordpress.org because it wasn’t worth the annual fee the host wanted, only to be told if I needed any help or support that there wasn’t any to be had because my blog was ‘third party’ hosted, so they couldn’t help and, once you leave wordpress.com, they don’t help you either, so, it’s all got to be solved by yourself, and if it’s a big technical issue, even the problem help pages wouldn’t be of any good if it’s all about coding and such. Sorry, but, at least it’s done away with the capatcha thingie some of you hated 🙂 So, if you normally get an email telling you I’ve updated and you haven’t had one, you know why.

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