So long ago.

Long gone are the days
when as a child I laughed and wept.

I knew a world without walls.
A world that bought new colour and
adventures with every new dawn.

A world in which I was taught
nothing of prejudice
fear was kept in the secret room
that no-one knew of, but me.

(for me)
escaped as weed seeds
blowing in the wind
and if all left the stem
a wish could then be made.

always so beautiful
to me.

Ahh, the bliss of an
perfect world
as seen through the
eyes of a child.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

I know gardeners curse dandelions but, I personally think they are quite beautiful in their own way.
I have no idea who taught us this, probably our mum but, as a young child, I was taught that these were fairies that needed to be freed and, if we could blow all of the individual seeds off the head of a dandelion (this had to be done in one big breath, or it wouldn’t work) and they all came off, we could have a wish.
We also used to believe that if one fairy was floating in the air by itself and we could catch it, we could have a wish then too but, we had to be so gentle not to damage it and, then set it free to fly on its way again.
(No wonder I became such a dreamer huh!) LOL

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

33 thoughts on “Wishes”

  1. No wonder….♥smiles Yes, even I have taught my grandchildren, pick a dandilion, make a wish, take a real deep breath, blow it out stong, yet slow, then if all the seeds blow clean away, your wish will come true. Natures flowers-weeds are so beautiful-even have mini orchids in yard that are considered weeds-imagine-natures beauty thought of as a nuesince. ooops mispelt lol

  2. Yes, my sister and I spent a portion of our summer blowing “fairies” and making wishes. This has a nice light touch … and a hint of the pessimism of adults that is just around the corner…

  3. Definitely stirs up childhood memories. And I love the precision in how you describe “if all left the stem / a wish could be made” – powerful, magical.


  4. Such beautiful imagery flies through this poem like dandelion fluff..yet the fear kept in the secret room lingers like a black cloud..one that is harder to blow away..wonderful writing as ever..Jae (apologies if my comment is a duplicate)

  5. Many lovely childhood memories of sending the seeds on their way, making wreaths and crowns for us prety girls, letting the yellow heads float in water , deviding the sppy stemms and see them take on different curly shapes in the water … endless summer fun …

  6. This is so awesome…
    I wish I had been childish as a child instead of a miniature adult … there must have been times or moments of childish way…your words stirred a wish to dig deep and try to remember a few of them…thank you so much.
    I never heard of the dandelion wishes.

    I’m old enough to be in my second childhood so may try a few this summer.☺.

    This is a lovely stirring write. Thank You.
    Siggi in Downeast Maine

  7. A sparkling rendition of magic through a child’s eyes. Very nicely written for the prompt …

    I use to love dandelion flowers as a child, but you are right, as an adult, I shutter when the winds blow … In fact, I have spent the past two days digging up dandelions and pray I can limit their spread of more. 🙂

  8. Maybe you are a dreamer…but those are awesome dreams. I loved and still love dandelions too and they have been a recurring theme in some of my writing. Really enjoyed the innocence of this one. Loved it.

  9. I’m a gardener, but I love dandelions. May all the faeries go free and the wishes of every dandelion lover come true.

  10. Dandelions are probably my favorite flower! Whether or not they qualify as a weed is strictly subject to personal choice I suppose. Quite yummy in a salad early in the springtime!

    A delightful poem you’ve written here, I think if we all took a big breath and released our hopes and wishes to the wind, the world would be a much different place.

  11. Being a gardener, I have a love-hate relationship with dandelions, and this shows through in your verse (and your notes after the poem) as well, with the parachute-wing seeds in innocence imbued with magic, and then later in life a symbol for that innocence and hope lost. So sad, and yet so beautiful an image.

  12. Blowing them apart was always fun, collect up a good whack of them and blow away. Never knew they were fairies though, I think I made have murdered a few, oh the shame..haha

  13. I always leave a few dandelions in the wildflower gardens because they add an accent unlike any other. I do pull them before they go to seed, however, since their rugged hardiness will choke out everything else if that’s allowed. My Gram and I did the same fairy-wish thing, by the way. Wonderful memory!

  14. we all wish to get back to that world of childlike innocence…as Wordsworth said, intimations of immortality! beautiful images.

  15. I so love little kids’ love of dandelion puffs. And LOVE the story about them being fairies! Cool! Yes, good to be a dreamer and to never lose that way of seeing the world.

  16. nice..i love dandelions…they are one of my fav flowers…smiles….i love blowing them and wishing…and yes there is so much hope contained in each of those seeds that float on the breeze….

  17. I think the dandelion is a uniquely beautiful weed. You captured the innocence of childhood so well in this poem, in a way we could all relate to.

  18. Through the eyes of the child, its a perfect world. She wouldn’t know the difference between weeds and flowers…your worlds sparkle ~

    Thanks for your lovely words in my blog ~

  19. Beautiful writing! I, too, have always loved dandelions, in all their stages!
    My favorite line:
    (for me)
    escaped as weed seeds
    blowing in the wind”

  20. Comparing hopes to dandelion seeds…kind of sad to watch hope floating away like that. When one gets older, hope has to be found in something a bit more stable than seeds that blow in the wind. Happiness is fleeting, but joy is foundational.

      1. Please forgive me for the misinterpretation. Perhaps I viewed the seeds blowing in the wind with too much adult cynicism, through my own filter, so to speak. Hope seen through the eyes of a child is sweet and powerful, and you’ve expressed that well through your words.

  21. i just love the picture of hope escaping as weed seeds…and soon covers everything…that’s what weed does..and in this case it’s good..

  22. This reminds me so much of my granddaughter who collects bouquets of dandelions this season of the year….and also picks them up and blows the seeds a bit later on. Children don’t know the difference between ‘weeds and ‘flowers.’ Beauty is beauty however it grows. I enjoyed your poem, Bren.

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