So long ago.

Long gone are the days
when as a child I laughed and wept.

I knew a world without walls.
A world that bought new colour and
adventures with every new dawn.

A world in which I was taught
nothing of prejudice
fear was kept in the secret room
that no-one knew of, but me.

(for me)
escaped as weed seeds
blowing in the wind
and if all left the stem
a wish could then be made.

always so beautiful
to me.

Ahh, the bliss of an
perfect world
as seen through the
eyes of a child.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

I know gardeners curse dandelions but, I personally think they are quite beautiful in their own way.
I have no idea who taught us this, probably our mum but, as a young child, I was taught that these were fairies that needed to be freed and, if we could blow all of the individual seeds off the head of a dandelion (this had to be done in one big breath, or it wouldn’t work) and they all came off, we could have a wish.
We also used to believe that if one fairy was floating in the air by itself and we could catch it, we could have a wish then too but, we had to be so gentle not to damage it and, then set it free to fly on its way again.
(No wonder I became such a dreamer huh!) LOL

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