Image: Egg Island by djajakarta

Rose petals fly ‘neath darkened skies
ushering in winds of change.

Something’s happening.

The pup stands on dirty sand
just birthed himself
and, so little of stature
but instinctively he knows
what to do.
He’s already guarding her.

Existential life in
deviant art-form.

Whatever it is
there’s no more golden slumbers
for her as she breaks through
the last barrier.

She breathes in air
for the first time.

But, still they come
one by one.
One after the other
after the other.
Oval shapes containing life

Still waking, she lifts a shaky hand
to wipe away all stickiness
of new birth from her eyes.

One among a host of wonders
she too may be wondering
who will be next to hatch
on this island of eggs.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

I chose the title as a pun (intended) on ‘Eggs’ estential

Shared with Tess Kincaid Of  Magpie Tales #112 deviantart by djajakarta

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A voice that was music to my ears.
she sang songs when she spoke all
through the day until dusk
I never tired of her tunes.

Skin hung over bones whose
marrow had long since given
up the ghost
Forgotten how to live
and yet,
her story wasn’t ended.

The sight of her was staggering
yet love saw past the dying.

Blood, diseased through
past addiction
She had been broken beyond the
limits of falling
(more half-dead than)
alive on streets which held
no shame for a person dying to
drown their sorrows
just for today, if not tomorrow.

destiny is such a strange bed-mate
and won’t let us go until we’ve
fulfilled each task it sets.


© Daydreamertoo               *All rights reserved

Shared with Brenda W  prompt at The Sunday Whirl #51 (Do please join in, it’s a lot of fun)
This is in response to the Wordle words.  (I think) they tended to be a bit sad(ish) this week.  Marrow, Staggering, Destiny, Story, Blood, Mate, Broken, addiction, Buried, Songs, Dusk, Sorrows.

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