Murder of Crows

Image by Tracey Grumbach

Sunrise, sunsets.
Life slips through our fingers
as we swim through its mist of days
sometimes without allowing
its touch or, touching.

But they,
they fly so high.

Never really liked crows
until I knew that they
loved, too.
That they mate for life and
even care for their young
when they’re old enough
and, needn’t.

Their calls echo
in my longing.

So high.
I cannot count the miles
so close to my dreams.

A blessed moment of the sublime
awakens sleeping flames.

Turning circles
they entice.
Seduce with sensual dance.

Their joy
their freedom to belong
as one small part of
earths magic
So lost in their play
I yearn once more
to share their bliss of flight
feathers in the wind.


© Daydreamertoo                *All rights reserved

I never really liked crows, always thought they were bullies, then I discovered that a whole bunch of them is called ‘A murder of crows’ and was intrigued by that. We had a whole murder load of them right outside the back of our house in 2009. It was so loud, almost deafening, because there were so many gathered in the woods. I only caught a part of them flying away on the video clip but, there had to be a couple of hundred all told. It reminded me of the Alfred Hitchcock movie ‘The Birds’ because there were so many. I then went online to read up on them, to discover that crows mate for life. Just like swans and some other birds remaining with only one partner. And, not only but also, they care for their young until well after they can fly by themselves. They watch over them, protect them and continue to teach them.

My view of these birds changed dramatically once I knew they weren’t all about just being bullies and I found a respect for them that wasn’t there before.

Shared with dVerse Poets Poetics: With the photography by Tracy Grumbach of Nine Acres Designs

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