Water Music

Soft playing notes lapping
at the shores of my

A lone seagull flies high above
as white and soothing
to see its freedom of
flight as soft foam that
falls in sweet, sweet
melodies onto ripples in
the sand that also
(like the beaches in my heart)
is home to my love.

Heavens music could be no
more than this


As those living, giving
waves tease my
heightened senses.
then kiss the shore sensually
with long, long lingering notes of
quiet musical passion.
Each graceful swish a
kiss of excellence to a
lovers eager


Let the music play and I
will love you eternally

Such sweet music to my ears.

‘Oh…how I love you, sea’
Said the Earth.

And then she smiled.


©  Daydreamertoo      *All rights reserved

Although I’m not sure where it is I do know that, that picture is of one of the beaches here where we live on P.E.I.

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

9 thoughts on “Water Music”

  1. Water, it seems to me, can be all things to all people. You have painted a convincing picture of it in one of its moods. Very moving.

  2. Very very nice. I too, like listening to the water lapping along the coast down at the beach or near some reservoir’s edge. You gave it such tenderness — each wave to shore, a caress. 🙂

  3. Oh you know how much I love this poem, and the sea. I especially love the idea of “the beaches in my heart”…….no matter what I was going through, all I ever had to do was step onto the shore and all cares fell away. Nowhere more peaceful on the planet! Love this poem. It took me there.

  4. No captcha code YIPEEEE!!!

    Anyway now that that is out of my system, you beaches and the water itself can be soothing, many around here as well, obviously, just watch out for those seagulls they poo everywhere.

  5. Well, yesterday I was having trouble commenting on your blog. I don’t know if you eventually found my comments or not…but I was very frustrated. I am glad you are finished with the captcha thing. I love the way you have written about the relationship of earth to water here.

  6. Caress…
    then kiss the shore sensually
    with long, long lingering notes of
    quiet musical passion.

    nice…i love that…the ocean, the beach def carries its own music for me…one that i love to hear and often find bliss…

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