Some growl when they hear your name
pondering from where and whence it was you came.
Were you here for the common good
were you evil and, up to no good.

But, old man stooped in moonlight’s glow
I hold you in esteem.

Do I dream
are you really there, standing
by the stream.

What magic spells they tell you cast
Imperial wizard of old.
With scrunched up hat atop
wild hair and, silver beard
so bold.

Who would know such
power lies in that
tiny frame


Oh, I hear how the mighty have
fallen, for daring to
disparage your

It isn’t just medieval hype
nor is it any old folklore
for you can do magic
with rarest of flowers and
many mystical things.

Nothing is taboo for you to do
to have to justify
your name.

Why, with your undisputed

Even the lady of the lake
lifted the sword to you.

“Excalibur for a king”
You cried.
“He’ll come to claim the throne
and with me beside to guide him
willl make Camelot his home.”

And the mystical white Unicorn
bore witness to this show
gazing on in silence under
moonlit glow.

I too was bathed in colours
and saw dazzling displays
as he created a little magic
that left Me



© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

This famous wizard’s background was passed down first through spoken tales and then written into folklore around AD1100 which became legend. His original name and story seems to date much further back to sometime in Ad540 rather than the medieval tales told of him that we think of him now in connection with King Arthur.  But the Merlin We all relate to is the one most popular.
I couldn’t think of any other ‘oral traditional’ stories to tell about Britain and don’t know enough of Canadian history to try tackling something of which I don’t know too much about.

Shared with Three Word Wednesday CCLXV1 # Growl, Hype, Justify
With Real Toads The Oral Tradition

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