Dream House

ParkeHarrison Study-of-Nest-1994

He studies this nest
senses keened to a point
sharp, not to miss a thing.

The crowded pack in the park
has gone.
It’s silent now
barely a whisper from the grass
owners with pet in tow have
all gone at last.

A paw print here
an odd smell there
was all that was left of
the intrusion.

The clock of life
on the pendulum swings
never stops its
tick, tick, ticking.

Time is such a
precious thing.

(But, he digresses)

This home is held together
with twigs and string
and many odd things
his only wish has always been
to see what lay inside.

He wondered how large
the eggs would be
their shape and yes, their shine
and, maybe he would
taste one yet
(if their owner felt inclined)

So far
the only house rule had been:
‘Before you step into my dream house
you must remove your shoes.”


© Daydreamertoo       *All rights reserved

I wanted this to be a bit surreal.  A bit like a Dean Koontz  ‘Odd Thomas’  feel.  Where, everything seems normal but, not quite.

Shared with Tess Kincaid Of Magpie Tales #111
Brenda w Of The Sunday Whirl #50

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