Message in a Bottle

Manu Pombrol Things That Make You Feel Unique

Some people build ships
in bottles
complete with raised sails
sit them on a shelf
and admire.

Some people put messages
in bottles
cork them
then let them drift
out to sea
just to see how far
they’ll go and
maybe, where they’ll land.

This man himself is the message
and it is:

‘Leave me in peace please
I’m doing my own thing.’


© Daydreamertoo                      *All rights reserved

Shared with Magpie Tales #115 Photographer: Manu Pombrol
Poets UnitedPantry #98

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Do Not Disturb

Permission by © Mama Zen Photography

The stars shone in your eyes little
one and now you’ve gone off
some where to dream.
To your world of make

You’ve had a busy day
all your friends came out to play
and you’ve cast some happy
spells down in the garden dell where
all the other faeries dwell in your
world of make believe.

I’ve seen those magic daisy rings
where you skip, dance and sing
on sunbeams hand in hand casting
spells for wishing wells and
granting more wishes to come true
for me and those who believe
in you and your world of make

Beautiful dreamer…
Tiny princess of the fae.
Dream dreams of unicorns and other
mystical things using mushrooms
for a pillow upon which to lay
those tired wings.

Come back again when morning
is due as fresh as those daisies
and with bright shiny new wishes
in the palm of your hand
to grant them all again
with a wave of your
magic wand
and the
land of make believe.


© Daydreamertoo                *All rights reserved

Shared with With real Toads Featuring Mama Zen Photography

Mary Celeste

Intrepid eyes follow flocks of gulls, squinting for a better view as overhead clouds squander more daylight. The ship should not have been in this sea lane.
With a sense of decency and accommodate maritime laws the captain issued intractable orders. They would row across the choppy, narrow alley now between the two ships, hopefully beating the bad weather closing in.
Climbing up the sides of the dead-in-the-water-ship, soon they found pewter mugs still filled with liquid and, half eaten biscuits, now green from mold. A trip around the whole ship led to more intrigue. The crew had simply disappeared leaving nothing to attest or pass down into history, of whatever happened to the crew of the Mary Celeste.


For some reason the wordle words reminded me of this. The tale of the Mary Celeste has intrigued thousands since she was discovered adrift and abandoned one month after setting sail. There have been many theories as to what occurred on board some of which are covered by the link to Wikipedia.

Shared with The Sunday Whirl #54


In ancient Egypt they worshiped
the Goddess Sekhmet
she was known to have slaughtered
a few of them
(by the thousands)
and hence she developed quite a
penchant for drinking
human blood
they didn’t want it to be theirs.

Sekhmet it was
(or maybe it was Lilith)
no-one knows for sure
who spawned the Vampire lore
Sekhmet was part lioness and as such
a fearless hunter.
A soldier deity who could kill
you or might cure you
depending on her pleasure.

(it is said)
were the first kings and queens
of Egypt
feeding on the essence of man
to keep them in that place.

through time and inter-breeding
their once mighty rule became weakened
Blood lines so watered down
powers all but forgotten
and the long sleep would seem to
be the only cure
until such time as it was right
for them to roam the lands
once more
yet in their weakened state
under cover of cloak and dagger
blood suckers of the night.


© Daydreamertoo        *All rights reserved


I’ve always thought any myth has to have first been ‘seen’ to be believed and then to be handed down through generations. In ancient times, there had to have been such things as centaurs, men with wings, humans with animal heads, or, why ever would they go the the bother of carving them into their stone or, paint them on walls. I do believe Egypt holds many answers to so many questions regarding knowledge of our past and such but, I also believe the powers that be will never allow us to learn it either, unless it is posted online and discovered by the masses in that way.

The second picture is also of the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet and, is of all places, housed in Vatican City. Her story makes for interesting reading.

Vampire Nation There’s a lot about ancient vampires online, I found this an interesting read too.

Shared with dVeresePoets Poetics: Vampires


Alphonse Mucha

Look at those eyes!
You just know for sure
they won’t ever tell you lies.

An intense stare
she shows you her dreams
in thoughtful pause
before preparing to dance.

With subtle nuances
here and there
fingers touch her cheek
as if to say:
‘Let me daydream for two
more minutes, please.’

The flower stem
is almost forgotten
(but, not quite)
as she remembers to
keep a tenuous hold of
its beauty because it
reminds, she too is
a beauty.

Life as a gypsy is hard
and yet she is proud
of who she is and
from whence she came.

She doesn’t care for all
your airs and graces
for there is a purity
in belonging to her clan.
She  knows the history of her
bloodline heritage
of who and what
she is and, has no need of
ever wearing shame.


© Daydreamertoo                *All rights reserved

This is my interpretation of the picture. One of my great-grandparents was Romany so, I feel a certain kinship with them.

Shared with:  With real Toads The Czech Art Nouveau painter and decorative artist Alphonse Mucha

All Together

Once upon a time
there was a sanctuary
no-one wore a mask
never any need
emotions too, went unchecked

Something knocked the world\askance
and, in that unwieldy pause
I awoke to the stranger in
your eyes.

Sometimes we flail in raging rivers
tread water ’til we burn from
too much ice which can settle
in the heart.

Pages turn through spokes
in the wheel
clap, clap, clap
(I used to do this)
such a satisfying sound
of what could be Tarot cards
playing out our musical fate
one ride at a time.

Shadows elongate as the sun
goes down
and I wait to see new birth
(having gone through a type of
my own)
knowing now
all spirits flow into
the same stream of

I am
You are
She is
They are
We are

All together



© Daydreamertoo                *All rights reserved

Some of this was inspired by photographer and poet Margaret Bednar Who shared with us that her friend’s horse is about to give birth to a foal at any time and that it can be watched live on cam Here  WrosieQ

I find all aspects of nature and life, so magical, miraculous and, filled with wonder.

As kids we used to take playing cards and peg them to the spokes of our bikes so they’s make that clapping noise as the wheels turned. …LOL

Shared with
dVersepoets Meeting the Bar: Allegory
Poets United Think Tank #94 #Wonder

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My dog Timmy 🙂

I drift along on gondolas
in a lazy sky.
Slowly sink into an ethereal world
beyond the realm of real.

A dog waits, patient.

Mellow mood ensues as
capricious memories hop
skip and dance across the blue.

Sun’s rays picking up dust particles
the dog waits.

An ocean doesn’t lose a drop by
sharing its kisses with the shore
trees lose their life or beauty
without their coat of leaves.

The sky, land, sea
all of these truths I need
to set my soul free


The dog waits, patient
for his walk.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

Shared with With Real Toads Inner Outer

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Warrior Queen

Born of ancient tribal lines
a woman before her time.

Her beauty is renowned.

But do not be fooled
for she has used weapons often. Blade
and spear are both worn and bloody
from those who would abuse
or, betray her trust.

She is perfection stepped
from a dream.
A real life warrior queen.

Veiled, which only
adds to her allure
any man who would challenge
or do battle to bring her
to her knees, then
carry out his kinky conquest
had better think twice for
She’ll entice with a wink
and, kill them in less
than a blink of those
beautiful eyes.

But, she can be tender too
in caring for her tribe
and when the lore is written
about this warrior lacking
maybe they’ll remember
to also write that

Out of the strong
came forth sweetness.


©  Daydreamertoo       *All rights reserved

Shared with
Three Word Wednesday CCLX1X Bloody, Kinky, Tender
Poetry Jam History

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Full Spectrum Light

In full spectrum light
at this moment, now
she plays to my

Fingers glide across
the strings
as I forget to breathe.

She bridges my thoughts
with her musical timing
attuned to my sense of wonder.

Whisks me up as light as air
with textures in notes
to pleasure even the
gloomiest of moods.

Is she fairy?
Is she Angel?
Is she even really there?

No matter
if I think she is
..she is

and her notes match
my kaleidoscopic dreams


©   Daydreamertoo       *All rights reserved

Might take me a while to get around to everyone taking part at dVerse. Had an accident yesterday and badly scalded thumb & 2 fingers. Was trying to see if the washer needed changing and forgot *rolls eyes* to turn the hot water off under the sink. Had a gusher of boiling water and was trying to screw the stopper thing back in against the pressure of water… getting my fingers scalded but not realising how badly….Duuuhhhh.
Had to go the the ER. Have 2nd degree burns. So been making this post since last night and, am having problems trying to type as I’m also right handed and at best only ever use two index fingers to type as it is. Making more typos than actual typing so please excuse, will do my best to visit you all.
The show must go on.  We are all super troopers for our craft after all   🙂

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Feeds my Soul

Sunlight plays across and through the
softness of her pure white down.

She teases each one
into place.
Maybe she has babies there
nestled in. She pets
protects and covers them
with her love.

Serene inside the
comfort of her being
Heaven’s water music plays
as she glides
creating ripple effect
across the water
in touching triumph
of her spirit

without even being

She feeds my soul.


© Daydreamertoo     *All rights reserved

Shared with With Real Toads Open Link Monday

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Sleeping Beauty with a Twist

Image by Alex Stoddard

He’s Sleeping Beauty
with a gender twist in the tale.
Harry Houdini couldn’t have
painted a better picture
of a means to escape.

Alone in a forest
he’s challenging freedom
at its core.

Is freedom found in
endlessly running away
is it in blocking every
sense that invades
through the day
and, focusing on one.

He holds his breath and
sees his truths as the
world revolves around him.


© Daydreamertoo        *All rights reserved

Shared with Tess Kinkaid Of Magpie Tales #114

Origami Dragons

As the music reached its coda, almost the end of its movement, the origami dragon too, moved with such shimmy.
Spangling delicately sewn along its scales sparkled in abstract light. It’s creator had shelved the others leaving them
to ferment in their silent paper cacophony of aches and creased complaints as she continued to put on an exquisite,
ethereal show to the delight of her enchanted audience.


After I had written this, I was amazed to find a picture of an actual origami dragon being used in a dance.  It was meant to be 🙂

Shared with  The Sunday whirl #53

The Debt

For all the wrongs
the horror and the pain
for all those souls who died
to show they hadn’t died in vain
they sought justice for the crimes
It’s only right those guilty
should pay.

The mission went so badly wrong
when she saw the monster as a man
because, she didn’t fully understand
he saw her kind as less than human.

He was the one who got away
and for thirty years
the three lied
the truth will always out.

One couldn’t live with the
another so consumed with hate
he couldn’t see beyond vengeance
and she,
She was left to wear many different scars.

Once they knew his whereabouts again
despite his advancing years
the monster was alive
the debt had yet
to be paid
duty still had to be met.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

I saw this movie The Debt recently and am always impressed with Helen Mirren’s acting.
Sad subject but, I do believe those who commit any such hideous war crimes should pay for them no matter how many years have passed between the acts and their being caught.

Shared with With real Toads Mary’s Mixed Bag Recent Movies
dversepoets  Poetics: Duty Calls

We Must Be The Change

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut
finding we are not happy.
The soul cries.
Eyes shed its tears in
drops of liquid pain.

We can’t see the wood for
the trees and, sleep is
not a friend.

we need to see this
pain as the reminder
of our need to change.
It is often the teacher
we choose to ignore.

The heart and mind sometimes
lie to each other to keep
within that comfort of
the known
the soul always seeks its
truths in light and
not in darkness.

Things cannot change unless
we become willing to take
that leap of faith
that one small step of
hope and trust it needs
to change the view of
our world.

we must be the change.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

Gandhi was such a wise and, gentle man.  He had the light of love and, shared it.

Shared with Poets United #93 Quotes

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The truth shall set you Free

Sometimes truth is elusive
we convince ourselves something
is right for us when, it isn’t
right for us at all

we hold on even though our
hearts ache from the weight
of repeating the same mistake.

Letting go of love
is the hardest lesson
I’ve learned.

The winding path
between alternate realities
is never simple
but the views are spectacular
if God lights the way
you really believe
the truth shall set you free.


© Daydreamertoo             *All rights reserved

Shared with Imperfect Prose

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