Night Terrors

Drifting into the deep
words float in puddles
spinning round and round
then, drip one by one
through fluttering eyelids.

Something’s going on
(I scream)
but, no-one hears the cries.

Drowning now in you as you
haunt me with those eyes in the
darkness of my dreams.

Running now

always running

(Sometimes wish I had a gun)

Trying to escape before you
make a grab for me.

Yes, you know it’s you
who haunts me.
Taunts me
(as you used to sneak into
my room)
Now, you creep into my thoughts
when I let slip my guard
falling victim to your nightly
frights again.

Heart is in my throat now
and I’m choking on the fear as
those shadow-hands reach out from
the cold and dead
to touch my living flesh.

If this is a dream then wake me
for, I am in hell and the devil is
escaping through my tears.

I’ve lived with you for years.

Suddenly, you disappear
but, I know where you are.
I saw someone toss you back into
the earth, scattered the ashes
of your demon birth.

go back and walk among the
living dead because I am
so much stronger than you
ever knew.

My light outshone your
wicked deeds.
I’m alive and, when I wake
I’ll remember that it was
I who heaved a silent sigh as I
watched you go.


© Daydreamertoo      *All rights reserved

For far too many reasons that I can’t go into without writing a novel, suffice to say, I used to have these dreadful recurring night frights for years, where I would wake up shouting, sobbing real tears and, even though once awake, I couldn’t break free of the fear from those dreadful night terrors.  Until through deep soul searching of many ‘whys’ and of being able to forgive the unforgivable,  I found my own light and then I knew, through love, I’d always been so much stronger than I ever knew I was.

No child should ever suffer any type of abuse at the hands of any adult, parents or not. Not in any way and, not for any reason.

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

25 thoughts on “Night Terrors”

  1. You definitely hit the prompt squarely on the head here. Fantastic journey through this feeling of fright. Love the ending, regaining power and such. Great read. Thanks

  2. This is a really powerful piece of writing about an all too real nightmare that too many people have to live with each and every day of their lives. I’m not going to say I liked it, because like is just the wrong reaction to both the situation and your description of it. But, as you say, the survivors are stronger than their tormentors will ever know.

  3. You are a brave soul to share this and bring it to form the bond that truthfulness creates. It seems that when we share this terror that comes in dreams we not only make ourselves whole but build stronger ties of community and friendship. Thank you for sharing so much and strengthening the bonds of trust.

  4. Interesting, not being sure if it’s a dream or not. That mostly happens to me when I’m awake! Intriguing take, which I found myself responding to.

  5. You have described the worst kind of nightmare – night terrors are horrible – my daughter had them, I had them as a child… it is incredible how our unconscious works picking up on things that are not right

  6. This is so frightening and so real and my heart breaks to think of you or anyone for that matter enduring, suffering abuse in any form. So sad.

    I’m so grateful for your gift in words and your light.

  7. I never had night mares ever … what a blessing … on the other hand … there is my life …

  8. night terrors, yes, i’ve had them. my niece has had them. it’s amazing what surfaces when our subconscious comes alive during dreams. they aren’t natural. they shouldn’t happen. they do. so many people having them means something isn’t quite right in the world. horrifyingly hot write.

  9. Yes very vivid indeed, nothing like that ever came into my dreams thankfully. No one should have to have those or what brings them on ever.

  10. Sounds like your pretty brave in your dreams as well as your life. well, written display of that

  11. Terrifying, and something as you say that has to be struggled with for many long years before it can be integrated and one can move on–some never do, but if the nightmares are part of that process, and I think they are, then they have some point, at least. Glad you made it out the other side.

  12. Wow- I TOTALLY get this and I felt every word. This was raw, brutal, cathartic, and the images and emotions you painted were so very real, so very familiar. For me- this IS poetry- living real words- using word to heal. This poem just set my screen alight….

  13. My nightmares consist of running away too. I feel your terror Bren, and rejoice that you are able to shine your light, and conquer the darkness. Be strong ~

  14. Your nightmare was very vivid. No child or adult should have to have such a nightmare. Thankfully you gained your strength and were able to push the nightmare away forever.

  15. Powerful… I especially like-

    If this is a dream then wake me
    for, I am in hell and the devil is
    escaping through my tears.

  16. ugh…my son used to have night terrors…and would wake screaming…the feel of dead flesh…ugh….can just imagine…and just reading this gave me a shiver….and the affirmations at the end are great in fighting them

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