Fallen Angels

Fallen from grace
she is the defiant one.

She will not hide her face
in shame as she sheds those
precious wings
Softly lets them fall along
with silken garb
everything, discarded.

She is lost to them…for now.

She takes an Earthly stand
but, lifts a hand to the Heavens
begging for respite.

Resisting eternal glory
neath their golden skies of fury
they leave her upon a
pedestal way up high.

She seeks solace of the flesh.
remembers body to bodily
sharing once again.

Exploration of forbidden fruits
in those mountains, valleys and seas
of human pleasure.

One night of passion.

One night of mortal love.

One night in arms that share
their warmth and suffocate in
sensual embrace, with hearts that
beat so slow, then race to love’s
sweet culmination with kisses so
deep, they’d keep the devil’s
fires burning.

But, they will not abandon her
(she is their Heavenly child)
She will learn her lessons
and when she’s finished falling
they will hear her calling


like all good parents, they love
this wayward child.

Her wings will be there…waiting
cared for by Heavenly love
and one day her parents know
she will ask if she can
come home again …just
like all the other

Fallen Angels Do.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

Over the years I’ve written poems putting my own interpretations to this picture a few times. It’s such an expressive piece of artwork,  sensual body and lots of scope for different directions of thought without ever being crude and, I wonder if things like fallen angels could happen, after all according to the Bible, God threw Satan out of Heaven and, he was an Angel…right?

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

14 thoughts on “Fallen Angels”

  1. Can’t help but think of my kids when i read this and how we heap the entire world of possibility on there shoulders. Then they make a mistake, and hope that we are there when they come calling again. Great picture and great writing…loved it.

  2. Your words always mean so much to me, Bren, and I thank you for that. (Correction: My earlier comment should read: Much love always, from your fallen and wingless angel …) 🙂

  3. def know where she is at…and trying to fill that gap as well with the body to body kinda love…i dont profess to be an angel, ha, but i have been there…and glad for grace to hold my wings for me for one day..smiles.

  4. I agree with Mama Zen…nice the way you vary the pace and intensity of this. I like the ending also.

    Nice explanation at the end of your thoughts and several new writes on the same photo.

    Siggi in Downeast Maine

  5. I suppose anything is possible, no matter the obstacles sometimes falling from grace may just happen could be for all the right reasons or all the wrong, like the pic too.

  6. I like the direction you took with this picture. There is something symbolic in the shedding of wings, and the attractions of the more base sides to our natures. Hopefully forgiveness of one form or another awaits the wayward, as you have described.

  7. there is a love that can withstand all insult and defection and not bat an eye, but only continue to love us. god’s love, the love of the universe, is that brand. i really like the late parental concept you serve up. this had a great storytelling quality.

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