Jaguar Cars

An ad on TV showed the newest car.

“You know who makes them do you?”

“No, who?”

“Jaguar is originally a posh car made in the UK.”

“It’s not JagUar, it’s JagWar.”

“No, it’s pronounced JagUar, not JagWar. Jagwar is the American way of pronouncing it.”

“No, no, no, it’s JagWar.”

So, we  Googled it.


Jaguar Cars  It states  Jag-ew-ar EW together makes U  known simply as Jaguar (play /ˈæɡjuː.ər/ jag-ew-ər),   Da daaaaa

My-soon-to-be-16 teen once asked me what a Bar rock was… I had to ask a few times what she was saying so that it was clear. Yep it was a Bar rock. I had no idea what she was asking me. It was a word I’d never heard before. So, I asked her to tell me what context it was used in.

“It’s was what soldiers live in”

“Ohhhhh.. you mean a Barrack!”…

We do have some giggles over our different accents and what are ‘new’ words to her.

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I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

11 thoughts on “Jaguar Cars”

  1. Oh, we have had plenty to laugh at since moving to the south (originally from Northern Michigan). Many southerners say they can’t understand me because I speak to quickly… 🙂

  2. We probably don’t even want to get into what happens to all those words around here. Mix a little of Virgina and a heap of Appalachia an it’s easier to text each other than figure out what each another is sayin’

  3. I love these snippets of life with Chloe:) And I didnt know about the pronunciation of Jaguar. Not that I’ll ever need to pronounce it, hee hee. I drive cars that are at least two decades behind whatever decade we are in (sort of like me:))

  4. DD2…?
    I thought he was talking about Obama!!
    Loved your pronuncifying 55 My Friend
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Arse Week-End

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