The Eye of Heaven

Through the route of ages
in breath and equilibrium
the journey is always
the same
we are born to die.

Each remnant of the
ancient Gods leaves more to
question, than answers.

I jostle days
turning pages in wonder at
new knowledge
they impart.

Religion separates
divides and conquers
fire and ice can co-exist
if we did but surrender ego
to learn the higher plan.

With hint of fragrant promise
the softness of pillows await and
in sweet dreams and starlight
the moon sings her lullaby
to the earth
(her dearest one)
the eye of Heaven watches
waiting for us all
to come home again
to love.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

Shared with Three Word Wednesday #CCLXV Fragrant, Jostle, Remnant
Poetry Jam #Strange Gods
Poets United Pantry #94