Battered Wives

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For years
and years
(far too many)

She was a punching bag
and yet she gave
…and gave.

Sometimes she’d fall
I’d try to catch her
in the spin and
pick up the pieces

This was not what
she had planned
and yet
…it was.

She was living
…had yet to live

Now my message is as clear
as I can make it
and as gentle.

“Open your heart
don’t close it to love.

Don’t say:
‘I can’t’ because
you can
the best is yet to be
you just have to believe
in you
as I believe in you.
Your life is no longer
tightly bound around
another’s bidding
Life demands that you
come back again
Back into its living
close your eyes,
clear your heart
let it go.”


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

For my youngest sister and other battered women everywhere.
She had to go to court last week, saw her soon-to-be ex husband, crying. ¬†Told me it was cancelled for some reason but, it was hard to see him keep sobbing. I told her they are ‘pity me’ crocodile tears and that if she went back with him now he’d treat her even worse because she’s had the nerve to take the divorce this far. She’s feeling so lost, nervous, fragile and, she has no self confidence at all. She has panic attacks and I’ve told her she has to re-learn to live her life again but for herself now and, it takes time to adjust to thinking for herself once more after 30 years of his bullying, spousal abuse and conditioning.
Told her to try to change her thinking and stop keep saying ‘she can’t do so and so by herself’ and to start trying to tell herself ‘yes, she can do.’ I could cry for her lack of confidence in herself.
I’m praying so hard she keeps her fragile nerve now and doesn’t take those all too easy steps backwards. The next time he could end up killing her.
I love my family and sometimes wish so much I could hug (especially) her because I know how much she misses her big-sister-Bren hugs.
Thank goodness we can talk now through her having access to a computer now.

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