Image by James Rainsford

Days unfold with ease now
as their warmth touches
Inviting more participation
of life’s music cords within.

Winter played the
saddest notes
each one
crystal clear but
(for once)
I didn’t come undone in
the frozen wastelands
clouded vision cleared
as each tune changed
its reason.

Reflections arriving with spring.

A thousand butterflies
would take to flight
once upon a dream
I’m no longer in that
dizziness of free-fall.

No old hopes to dash
No dreams to rent asunder
upon such awakening.

I unwind in sunlit rays
of smoky light
(when day is done)
will continue ‘neath a
backdrop of night’s
celestial sea.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

Shared with dVersePoets #Prompt Patterns, Pictures and, Poems Photograph permission by James Rainsford