Growing Pains

I’ve sat on the deck
and leaves sit upon the tree
looking at me.
Do I appreciate their struggle
to survive
…do I?

They need earth, air, water
and sky too, from roots to
the tallest branches
…they need.

As a child I would rip off leaves
just to bend, shape them and
make a whistling sound between
their folds of bleeding veins to amuse
bruised and tattered have thrown them
away as if it didn’t matter
but, it did matter to the leaves
who died because of me
…didn’t it?

In contemplating the life of
each and everything
even rock has its own
molecular life within

Now, I understand

it is better to live and let live
than to destroy for
momentary pleasure
as our lives too are
measured at their end
(I feel)
by how much we
dared and tried
to grow.

© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

17 thoughts on “Growing Pains”

  1. as some do to humans, leave them broken and tattered. I enjoyed the awakened mindfulness in the piece.

  2. I keep pondering about your poem, Bren … I love your ponderings … works for me … everytime. Love, cat.

  3. My horse LOVES reaching up and ripping off the green leaves from trees. But then the purpose is nourishment, not destruction. This is a very beautiful pondering.

  4. smiles….i appreciate the journey you took us on…and the wisdom you gleened as well…how much we dared to grow…i think we will def be far more remembered for the life we give….

  5. Love the thrust of this poem, all the way from

    Do I appreciate their struggle
    to survive
    …do I?

    to the satisfying conclusion.

    You sent me right back to Albert Schweitzer’s “I am life that wills to live in the midst of life that wills to live.” B ut you go further, for he was referring just to animal life.

  6. Hi dreamer, this one is very pensive and I can really relate to the thoughts expressed, very good.

  7. It is great how you connected your treatment of leaves and personal growth. Love the ending. May my epitath say how much i sought to grow as a person.

  8. I’m so enjoying your style of looking into nature deeply to grow bigger. I’m with you, I believe everything we really need to know can be learned through the lessons in nature. This really spoke to me. I’ve been bringing up my boys in this manner and it is sinking in, a dead fallen branch was moved by my son and one of the smaller sticks broke away from the whole and he said, “Oh, thank you tree for this walking stick.” My heart just melted. 🙂

  9. True we do need to think about what we do, but always accepting and never trying can be mundane and bring forth nothing new.

  10. I too love the need to grow and how we learn to respect nature, as we grasp the bigger green picture~
    Well Done

  11. I enjoyed your contemplation here and especially the last stanza with its strong message. Indeed we need to think before we destroy for momentary pleasure, either in nature or in human relationships.

  12. This feels like stream of consciousness – the unravelling of thoughts, as the eye is caught by the green of leaves. Very satisfying read.

  13. i also believe how much we truly strive to progress is a defining standard of the human spirit, and certainly attempt to strive. great write.

  14. Have you seen the commercial of the little girl who keeps saying each tshirt color is her favorite, and when she gets to purple she says it’s her most FAVORITE favorite? Well, I feel like that little girl. This is one of most FAVORITE favorites of yours. Especially about how much we tried to grow. LOVE! IT!

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