Growing Pains

I’ve sat on the deck
and leaves sit upon the tree
looking at me.
Do I appreciate their struggle
to survive
…do I?

They need earth, air, water
and sky too, from roots to
the tallest branches
…they need.

As a child I would rip off leaves
just to bend, shape them and
make a whistling sound between
their folds of bleeding veins to amuse
bruised and tattered have thrown them
away as if it didn’t matter
but, it did matter to the leaves
who died because of me
…didn’t it?

In contemplating the life of
each and everything
even rock has its own
molecular life within

Now, I understand

it is better to live and let live
than to destroy for
momentary pleasure
as our lives too are
measured at their end
(I feel)
by how much we
dared and tried
to grow.

© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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A postcard arrived addressed to my dog.
Yes, to my dog!
It had a nice picture and little dog paw print on one side. On the other side of it was:
“Dear Timmy, please remind Brenda that it is soon time for your booster shot. Ask her to call us when it is convenient. Woof!


I thought it was pretty cute and novel way of reminding me that Timmy needs to take me to the vet 🙂

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