Dust floats
tiny particles of life, unfurled
Some sparkle upon catching
rays of light
maybe they too, are reluctant
to leave the circle.

Breathing deep to keep
the clarity
eye to eye
reflections come in whispers
which reverberate
as echoes through the chambers
of my heart.

It’s spring
love is in the air.

Sending thought through waves
I reached out to touch
she flits
she floats
she flies
with all the elegance expected
of a Ladybird
and though we have met
in this blue serenity
it’s such a tenuous connection
for, as always
she is neither here
nor there
she is everywhere.

© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

Shared with Poetry Jam #Connections
Poets United Think Tank #89 ‘Light’


Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada and design custom made candles

25 thoughts on “Connections”

  1. sparkling dust… Maybe I won’t clean after all! I know my cat likes to jump around and try to catch them. : Voices echo… but thoughts float… 🙂

  2. Sending thought through waves
    I reached out to touch

    so nice…I am always painting air. I want to make it feel like you are always touching something even when you see nothing…air waves are there!

  3. “blue serenity” ha! only you would do that, when blue is supposed to be sad ordinarily lol. I think blue and feel depressed though

  4. it’s such a tenuous connection
    for, as always
    she is neither here
    nor there
    she is everywhere.

    Oh, yes, Daydreamertoo, touching on anther core beautiful truth. Thank you, for this!

  5. Lovely poem. I enjoyed the alliteration (flits, floats, flies, here, there, everywhere) and the metaphor of a fleeting connection, something you want but cannot grasp, yet the thrill of chasing after it … I like “reluctant to leave the circle,” the human need to belong, be part of something. Your poem is full of meaning, thanks for sharing!

  6. Your poetry just grows better and better, Bre, though I am not sure how that is possible. Wonderful, my lovely friend.

  7. This is a lovely musing on these small kinds of encounters and brief connections. I am enjoying getting to know your work. Thanks for your continued participation at Poetry Jam.

  8. as long as she and all her friends dont throw a party in my house again we are cool…ha…they tend to congragate in the steeple of my roof…love the little dance in your close on this…

  9. This is just beautiful. I love the last lines..she is not here nor there, she is everywhere. So true, oh so true. If you look at PJ, you will now see that I indicated when the prompts will go up. We usually have done Tuesday evening, but this week was a human glitch. Glad to see you here with your wonderful words.

  10. Trying to pin down that other (who perhaps doesn’t want to be connected)..can be such a trying to hold light in your hand..and yet there is not exhaustion in this piece..just hope..and beauty..Jae

  11. Lovely … She may be “neither here nor there” perhaps because she is everywhere ?

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