I sat upon the rocks
not knowing
who or what or, when.
Life and mind in chaos
couldn’t find the sense
among the madness.

Tears pooled then fell to
join the waters gentle lap, lapping.

An amateur when it comes
to love and loss
the cost, so high a price to pay.

I ranted and raved
gave it all away to You
in rage
Until spent…
closed my eyes, sat
within the stillness

The water gurgled, plopped
and sploshed against
those hardened rocks
then somehow,
found it’s way inside.

“Be like the water Bren
What water cannot penetrate
its diligent will, will not
be swayed from its objective.
It will find its way
over, under, around all obstacles
in its path but, it will eventually
reach its destination.
Be like the water Bren. Go within
its flow and stop trying to
swim against the tide and always
remember this; You are not alone.”

Tears forgotten as the waters music
somehow filled the gaping hole left
that was my soul
once again Mother nature’s nurture
had swept over me
and, washed me clean.

I opened my eyes to a new world
knowing then, I still had it all.
Nothing was lost.

Blue sky
Blue sea
greenest grasses and trees rustling
with their own music in harmony with
the sea
and yes, then I knew

Love is all.
It isn’t one person.
It isn’t me.
It’s in everything
we see, hear, touch, smell and taste.

Love is everywhere.
Is wherever we care to look for it
and once we see our own light
we cannot help but know

Oh yes, we know.

© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

The journey through grief is long and painful as we learn there is no other alternative, we must let go, but it’s not easy to do when all of your being doesn’t want to and fights against it.
This peace of this beach was where I learned so much about myself, life, love and our place in this world. We are so small, tiny on a scale of the universe and yet, not insignificant at all. We are each a vital piece of what makes it the ‘whole’, or the ‘oneness.’ It is without and within us all, but until circumstances force us to really dig deep inside for answers, so many of us never discover it.
Although you can’t see it in the picture or even in the video clip, when the tide is out you can sit on the very edge of the rock cliff on the right and be above the water.  With Chloe at school and Timmy (the dog) free to wander, I or we both would climb over the rocks and get to where I could just sit there and clear my mind, of everything. Moments of connection to ‘everything’ my friends tell me are epiphany. I asked for help, for answers to the heart-ache and, they were given.
Yes, I believe.

Shared with Three Word Wednesday CCLX1V #Amateur, Diligent, Nuture
With Real Toads Our connection with nature

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

22 thoughts on “Epiphany”

  1. 🙂 God speaks through his works. He is the creator of all things and so much wisdom can be gained through contemplation, which you have experienced and that I like 🙂


  2. This pain hols so much grief and loss, it breaks my heart. I love the images of water that permeate through the verse.
    “Tears pooled then fell to
    join the waters gentle lap, lapping.”

    We move on from loss and from pain. Time and distance help. But we must accept that we want to move on.

  3. All the wisdom in the universe is at our fingertips, just takes time and desire to hear it and a context in which it can enter the mind and the heart. This was breathtaking in scope and seriously spiritually uplifting. If we took more time to talk to ourselves….consider ourselves, and not in a selfish way, but in just the way you have described…the world would be a much happier place for sure. Really good…something to be proud of.

  4. I go to grieve in nature…it is my comfort when I fear to show the pain in my heart..I sit and listen to the wind blowing through the chimes my father made and feel him with me and telling me I will be alright. this is beautiful. I so understand where this came from.

  5. I wonder if epiphany comes from inside or out all the time..I think you have written so beautifully showing that it is perhaps both..water changes but never loses it’s strength and power..even tears..Jae

  6. Life and mind in chaos
    couldn’t find the sense
    among the madness.

    These lines spoke volumes to me – as did the rest of the poem.
    Love it.

  7. Dang Captcha Code…I keep entering it wrong. 🙂
    I love this piece, especially “Be like the water…” Beautiful exploration.

  8. Oh, Daydreamertoo, this is such a meditative, transcendent beauty of a poem. SUCH a gift, a wonderful, authentic gift of Truth. The section on love, oh, how I agree, deeply. Thank you for this.

  9. Yes, the journey through grief is hard. There is no easy way. D always used to tell me that the only way is to go through. She was very wise; and I continue to learn how right she was in so many things. There is no shortcut in grieving.

  10. Thank you for this insightful poem. I too am finding it better to sit quietly and absorb the beauty of greens and waters around me rather than to rant at length. Seeing oneself as part of the greater overall is humbling and comforting. But it’s still tempting to be noisy at times, I’m learning. 🙂

  11. Beautiful, Bren. I love this…Love is all.
    It isn’t one person.
    It isn’t me.
    It’s in everything
    we see, hear, touch, smell and taste…..I love it all. Sad for your loss, grateful for your wisdom.

  12. Yeah there is never any way through it but to deal with. The beach looks like a great place, the iceberg wannabe things need to go though, mother nature might think we need more snow..haha

  13. So beautifully written. Yes, life flows more easily once we stop pushing against and start flowing with the current. What a glorious spot you have to sit and Be in……….loved this poem, Bren.

  14. I love the allegory of the sea being alive and persistent as of course it is and certainly is a great example for us to be too. And love…it is a lubricant for life.

  15. Beautiful Bren!
    You captured so much of what I feel when I can be by my favorite spot in the world! I love the sound words you used to capture the moment and put us there~
    Just wonderful~

  16. i def appreciate finding peace at the beach bren…the rhythm of it crashing to the shore to me brings peace…and grief…grief is a hard road for sure of slow releasing…and it is different for each…but i am glad you found peace….

  17. “Be like the water…”
    What wisdom you capture and carry through this piece. I, too, am an ocean lover despite the fact that I live in the middle of the Sonoran Desert! I make sure to spend a week on a shore every year to rejuvenate and replenish… to remind myself to be like the water.

  18. I feel your deep sense of connectedness to the sea in this piece. I particularly liked the repetition of the word ‘will’ with slightly different meanings attached.
    This more than answers Kenia’s challenge.

  19. I so love this… one of my absolute favorites. I find solace at the beach, too. Love IS everything.

    I really like:

    Tears forgotten as the waters music
    somehow filled the gaping hole left
    that was my soul
    once again Mother nature’s nurture
    had swept over me
    and, washed me clean.

  20. sometimes nature is all that saves us when we are low that and hearing our loved ones voices even when they are long gone telling us simple truths.I believe in true crisis that those we loved do help us.

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