I sat upon the rocks
not knowing
who or what or, when.
Life and mind in chaos
couldn’t find the sense
among the madness.

Tears pooled then fell to
join the waters gentle lap, lapping.

An amateur when it comes
to love and loss
the cost, so high a price to pay.

I ranted and raved
gave it all away to You
in rage
Until spent…
closed my eyes, sat
within the stillness

The water gurgled, plopped
and sploshed against
those hardened rocks
then somehow,
found it’s way inside.

“Be like the water Bren
What water cannot penetrate
its diligent will, will not
be swayed from its objective.
It will find its way
over, under, around all obstacles
in its path but, it will eventually
reach its destination.
Be like the water Bren. Go within
its flow and stop trying to
swim against the tide and always
remember this; You are not alone.”

Tears forgotten as the waters music
somehow filled the gaping hole left
that was my soul
once again Mother nature’s nurture
had swept over me
and, washed me clean.

I opened my eyes to a new world
knowing then, I still had it all.
Nothing was lost.

Blue sky
Blue sea
greenest grasses and trees rustling
with their own music in harmony with
the sea
and yes, then I knew

Love is all.
It isn’t one person.
It isn’t me.
It’s in everything
we see, hear, touch, smell and taste.

Love is everywhere.
Is wherever we care to look for it
and once we see our own light
we cannot help but know

Oh yes, we know.

© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

The journey through grief is long and painful as we learn there is no other alternative, we must let go, but it’s not easy to do when all of your being doesn’t want to and fights against it.
This peace of this beach was where I learned so much about myself, life, love and our place in this world. We are so small, tiny on a scale of the universe and yet, not insignificant at all. We are each a vital piece of what makes it the ‘whole’, or the ‘oneness.’ It is without and within us all, but until circumstances force us to really dig deep inside for answers, so many of us never discover it.
Although you can’t see it in the picture or even in the video clip, when the tide is out you can sit on the very edge of the rock cliff on the right and be above the water.  With Chloe at school and Timmy (the dog) free to wander, I or we both would climb over the rocks and get to where I could just sit there and clear my mind, of everything. Moments of connection to ‘everything’ my friends tell me are epiphany. I asked for help, for answers to the heart-ache and, they were given.
Yes, I believe.

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