Sunlight casts Angel wings
in shadows on the walls
(I know)
remain even after nightfall.

Winter’s grip eases now
giving leave to buds
and blades of green
peeking through
the cusp of seasons.

I too, yawn from this
long siesta
welcoming change of
dress from skies of
dull off-white and grays
to my beloved blues.

A lone piper calls
his tune harmonizing
with waves in my soul.

Light and warmth share gifts
in unspoken promise
as gentle winds usher in
Springs awakenings.

© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

24 thoughts on “Awakenings”

  1. i welcome that change as well and am ready to wake up to spring…i love that the angel wings stay well after the sun has gone down…great touch that…

  2. It has all the lilting beauty of a lullaby, and yet it achieves the very opposite – spring’s reveille for the soul. Remarkable trick. Wish I could work out how you managed it!

    Remarkable, too, your suggestion to try Chrome worked a treat – at least as well as your poem, so many many thanks.

  3. mmmmmmm…..yep, sprinke me with a little of this, and I know it only takes a little. So wonderful when it finally arrives, and way too short. Great writing.

  4. The perfect poem for me this morning, with spring just exploding around me, and so early this year.

  5. Wonderful .. the fourth stanza stands out for me – I have a ‘thing’ for lone pipers!

  6. Wish I could remian in a siesta for the snow, but now it is gone and spring has sprung, let’s hope it stays that way and puts on what you say for it’s display.

  7. This is indeed a beautiful awakening to spring. I especial appreciate it because we have not really had a winter ;).

  8. Beautiful poem documenting delicately the change of seasons. The hopeful light-filled green and blue images of nature are transferred well into optimistic mood and uplifted soul.

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