Dragon Tales

Once upon a time of old
when the world was filled with majick
dragons roamed the earth at will
even odder creatures, still.

Everything seemed so normal
and yet,
nothing was as it seemed.

Witches brewed and stewed
their mix and wizards
cast their spells
Ah, ’twas a time only the bold
or fools would dare to
venture out without a care
for fear of all the
mischief and vexing dragon’s

But, a young maiden
sweet, fair and full of
life’s own fire decided
she would not be cowed
and vowed to roam the
meadows at will, as free
as those they all feared
she would not be scared.

She left her family
and villagers aghast
ignoring all they had to say

‘No, no, no’
thrice no, she cried
determined she’d have her way.

Out she skipped and soon
was free to roam the
meadows as she pleased.
Waist high in grasses which
moved and swayed
she skimmed the flower tops
and played, dreaming the day away.

But as the daylight began to go
she knew she too
must turn for home

When hence there came a
piercing scream from the sky
and all in a gust of smoke
and wings she was suddenly
plucked from the field
and whisked away
never to be seen again .

The moral of this tale of woe
is to heed the elders
them folks who knows
so much more than you
even thinks you know
you know.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

As this was the Brothers Grimm and most of their tales never had a happy ending, mine didn’t either because not all fairy tales end happily ever after, do they?
I had some fun with this

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

25 thoughts on “Dragon Tales”

  1. But, a young maiden
    sweet, fair and full of
    life’s own fire

    Ahh life’s own fire…potent stuff there. I really enjoyed this and your moral, great write!

  2. Really enjoyed reading this charming story, that rates with Goldilocks etc. It seems those horrifying tales were designed to make us aware of dangers lurking, as they do. In the closing lines I am reminded of Donald Rumsfeld and his oft quoted thoughts that ‘There are things we know we know and there are things we know we don’t know and things we don’t know we don’t know.’

  3. Why were the elders always right?! Your warning should be heeded by all children everywhere. As a father, I know, though that kids just will do what they do. You don’t want to kill their spirit of adeventure and risk, since that is as important for building character as much as their understanding of what is right and wrong. It’s not easy being a parent, why don’t they ever put that into these fairy tales? 🙂 Your poem is a reliable rendition of what many fairy tales teach. Its humor and irony, of course, make it even that much more likeable reminding us, as it does, of the line between fantasy and reality.

  4. Yes! Sometimes we are not as wise as we think we are. No matter how convinced we feel. Thanks for the warning through this beatiful poem.

  5. # moral of this tale of woe
    is to heed the elders
    them folks who knows
    so much more than you
    even thinks you know
    you know…

    Stunning piece of advice !!
    will always keep in mind.

  6. Sadly as much as the tale is told and one tends to scold the meaning never takes hold until one gets old-er. Great tale, love dragons.

  7. I do think Claudia has a good point. We really don’t know if she ended up in a better place or a worse one. And as you say at the beginning of your poem, nothing is as it seems Either in fairy tales or in life. There is always more to the story..

  8. you really seemed to have a great time writing this. I really enjoyed it. The moral you put at the end was great, love the way it built up and the story conveyed. Dragons and mythical creatures are some of my favorite things to read about, love the way you used the opening here, really setting things forward as fairy tales mainly should. Great job here. Thanks

  9. oh i would totally love to read your dragon tales….dragon stories are some of my favs….long or not…smiles….so please do post….or give me a peek…smiles.

  10. seriously in my younger years i often dreamed of dragons and living in their time…i like your take bren, and a nice morale as well…and something that takes many of us far too long to learn….

  11. nice..i like how you wove a morale into your fairy tale poem…the only question is..who knows if it wasn’t a happy end after all… i mean…always depending on who it was that whisked her away…maybe a beautiful prince with wings…and they lived happily ever after…smiles

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