Color of Pain

If pain had a color
what color would it be.

She told me pain is blue.


Everything I’ve ever
loved is blue.

The sky.

The sea.

The quiet moods in me.

All thought in shades
and tranquil hues
of blue.

But insistant
she cried out loud.

As high
as the storm and gathering

“Bren, I know what colour
pain is, and it’s



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With Real Toads #Perspective

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

24 thoughts on “Color of Pain”

  1. I like this very much, hmm… and there are people who seem to like pain – perhaps because it makes them feel alive?

  2. The conversational tone, the pondering note here was intriguing. “Everything I’ve ever loved is blue”. Nicely done.

  3. Hey you!!!!! good to see you. this gave me some chills. The concept is clever and the dialogue part is killer. It read so smoothly and you know what I think she’s right….the color of pain might be blue. Wonderful writing.

    1. PS. Your message on Real Toads stated that you were unsure when our prompts are scheduled: RT has challenges on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, and an Open Link on Monday. You are welcome to join in any time something takes your fancy.

  4. maybe for me it would be red…the burning… i also connect lots of good things with blue…soothing things…the blues.. but maybe it can also change, depending on how we feel that day..

  5. blue would def be its hue, or something bright and brilliant to make me close my eyes…but yes, soulful feel to this bren…

  6. Impressive. I find this association – colour with emotion or other intangibles – quite difficult to go along with, but i had no difficulty with your poem. It convinced me completely.

  7. Well one does have the blues, so I guess blue does kind of go with pain or maybe it’s red as you get angry and pop a vein. That surely bring pain..haha

  8. Wow, Bren, I am awed by this poem. Everything you love is blue, yet she said pain is blue. I guess the message must be that you must embrace the pain. I guess we all have to at some point. If I were asked the color of pain, orange or red would come to mind. But she had her own perspective… Thanks for taking part in Poetry Jam.

  9. Enchanting read and so true!
    I love all the blues you mentioned
    Wonderful to read, you touched on soulful blues I love.
    Email me, than I ll share my pondering thoughts.
    I can t find your email?

  10. Oh this is so moving – the things you love – including her – and her insistance that pain is blue. So sad. And yet, with the mention of the sky and the sea, and the quiet in you, so all-encompassing. Life. Beautiful one, Bren. One of my faves!

  11. a contemplative piece
    hard to know blue is so peaceful
    I know there are people who think in color I wonder…

  12. Blue is my favorite color too … I never connected it with pain, reading your poem gives me reason to consider the possibility. After all, bruises are blue at one point.

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