Higher Learning

I watch the dance of clouds
so elegant
…they entranced.

A new season beckons
Comes in with a smile
flirts for a while
before leaving only
my reflection.

The behaviour of the butterfly
always used to baffle
Flitting here, there
desiring to be free
now I understand.

To deny truth
is to negate all responsibility
for its cause and effect


out of silence
wisdom fills the mind
with kinder thought

We teach
or, we are taught

to see the deepest scratches
of someone else’s flaws
but love them anyway

Is the lesson.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

Shared with Three Word Wednesday CCLX111 #Baffle, Negate, Elegant
Poets UnitedPantry #91

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

16 thoughts on “Higher Learning”

  1. to bond with nature, to learn, to grow and gain wisdom by observation ought to be the way of life. Nice allusion to that1

  2. “see the deepest scratches
    of someone else’s flaws
    but love them anyway” …

    Keen, life-changing wisdom in this stanza.

  3. The butterfly and freedom, loving others despite or because
    of their flaws, two examples of miracles. Lovely poem.

  4. smiles….what a beautiful lesson it is…i wish more could learn it…i absolutely love butterflies…so beautiful little sky dancers….

  5. My eyes flickered across your page as it loaded and I thought it said ‘leave a moment’..and for a moment I did..flying with that butterfly..small..yet big enough to know it’s chaos..maybe a moment away is good for the soul but your last verse made me ponder..perhaps we need to take responsibility for – and make the most of – those moments too..hmm..Jae

  6. acceptance of others, including those things that annoy, is a higher state of living, and a challenge for everyone all the time, except yogis, i imagine. the eternal lesson…

  7. Even when those flaws come with claws that scratch back? That can hurt you know, as the cat likes to show. But yes indeed, that is the way to be.

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