Where is the Love

Google Images Syrian child refugee

How low must we go
or, is it how deep
it doesn’t make a difference
(does it?)

In this age of plastic
all for the fame
fake teeth, fake smile, fake lips
fake everything,
it should matter if none of it
is real
(shouldn’t it?)

But all I see are tears
for them
for you
for us
life’s like poetry
so beautiful when we
vibrate on the same frequency
because we are one race
We all bleed
we are all loved by someone
when will sanity prevail
because it surely could
(couldn’t it?)

When we have killed the last
in the name of religion
for the last drop of oil
the last drop of fresh water
When the last blade of grass
and the last fish in the sea
are all dead and past into


it will matter to us all
(won’t it?)


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I care about love, compassion and empathy for suffering. This came about from seeing the news of Syria about the sickening and brutal rapes and massacre of mostly women and children (I suspect it’s to teach the men this is what we will continue to do to your families unless you toe the line) there on Sunday and, the killing spree by the US soldier in Afghanistan.

The carnage to its peoples and, the damage we are doing to this world is getting crazier by the day.

Where is the love?   What type of world are we leaving to its children if all they grow up knowing is hatred, fear and bloodshed?

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

27 thoughts on “Where is the Love”

  1. This is raw though not harsh, it speaks truth in beautiful poetry!

    We are numbed to others, their pain. This is a society, a world about self, sad but true.

  2. Wow…hearfelt. This made me well up a bit. We do forget to think about how we ‘vibrate on the same frequency’.

  3. The carnage and sufferings are just beyond us. But these still go on without respite. A pity! Thanks for highlighting it all. Great write!


  4. It does matter. It always matters. That’s why we write, because the soul needs to speak and the world (someone) needs to hear. Brave words well written!

  5. i fear we can go quite low. and there are times i only see tears, too. it’s quite a provocative read, not without style. injustice seems inescapable. we all bleed. we are one race. nothing could be more clear. but we have inherited a system of domination. i think there will be enough of this world left to rebuild on.

  6. Great use of questions to frame this piece. All important ideas to ponder, and I’d hope we all do think on these questions from time to time, but somedays it sure does seem like people either don’t think at all, and it does get you, well at least speaking for myself, wonder if the importance in such matters will just be ignored and then what. Very thought provoking here, excellent read. Thanks

  7. You are speaking the truth here. It is all about connection, and so many are disconnected, even from themselves. About the soldier in Afghanistan, I think the military needs to look at its stoploss program. Some of the fellows are sent into a nightmare for two or three tours in a row. Likely not being treated for post traumatic stress either, just shipped back. Something’s going to snap. Of course they’ll lay the blame with the soldier, and say it is a one time only thing…….but there is a bigger picture. Like why are we in Afghanistan anyway? Argh. Loved every word of your poem and the note that follows. Great work today, kiddo!

  8. That situation in Afghanistan was awful. What Syrians do to their own citizens is awful. I do not understand how people can be so inhumane to each other, downright cruel. Your poem strikes a chord.

  9. This world is indeed horrific at times, it’s heartbreaking. Your words are strong with meaning and poetry is just the vehicle to help change the world.

  10. fake teeth, fake smile, fake lips
    fake everything…ugh…true… and the real things we lose more and more…love your questions at the end of each stanza…and a powerful closure

  11. Excellent poem! Very thought provoking, maybe even action provoking if we let it be. I love the questions in parentheses – this really makes the poem so much more powerful. Peace, Linda

  12. I’m blown away by this piece.. all that’s going on in this world; it certainly is getting more and more brutal every single day… truly heartbreaking

  13. “life’s like poetry
    so beautiful when we
    vibrate on the same frequency
    because we are one race”

    siiighhhh I LOVE THIS!

  14. so much in the world to break our hearts these days, i could feel the pain of it, pouring down through this poem, so much truth, so much sorrow.

    i wonder the same things lately, thinking we have already hit bottom, but there seems to always be just one rung lower…

  15. It is hard to not be affected by what we see and hear on tv. I guess the love is inside us. And I think I feel more and more the poetry vibration of oneness than not. Together we can make this a better place now and in the future. I really believe it.


  16. So true plastic rules the fools, whether it’s the card or all the stuff you use to get rid of the lard or put it on, whatever the case may be. The more and more time goes on the more crap people seem to do to one another.

  17. this just got better and better as it went on bren…intially i was drawn to..

    life’s like poetry
    so beautiful when we
    vibrate on the same frequency

    how true that, but then toward the end you really let rip on the spilled blood and oil…and though it hurt, i loved the truth in it…

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