Where is the Love

Google Images Syrian child refugee

How low must we go
or, is it how deep
it doesn’t make a difference
(does it?)

In this age of plastic
all for the fame
fake teeth, fake smile, fake lips
fake everything,
it should matter if none of it
is real
(shouldn’t it?)

But all I see are tears
for them
for you
for us
life’s like poetry
so beautiful when we
vibrate on the same frequency
because we are one race
We all bleed
we are all loved by someone
when will sanity prevail
because it surely could
(couldn’t it?)

When we have killed the last
in the name of religion
for the last drop of oil
the last drop of fresh water
When the last blade of grass
and the last fish in the sea
are all dead and past into


it will matter to us all
(won’t it?)


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

I care about love, compassion and empathy for suffering. This came about from seeing the news of Syria about the sickening and brutal rapes and massacre of mostly women and children (I suspect it’s to teach the men this is what we will continue to do to your families unless you toe the line) there on Sunday and, the killing spree by the US soldier in Afghanistan.

The carnage to its peoples and, the damage we are doing to this world is getting crazier by the day.

Where is the love?   What type of world are we leaving to its children if all they grow up knowing is hatred, fear and bloodshed?

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