The Eternity Puzzle

It was the puzzle to beat all puzzles

In June 1999 this puzzle was deemed to
be so difficult to solve that
a prize of one million pounds
was offered to whomever
solved it.

There are no pictures on
the pieces.
Each piece was oddly shaped
there were no edge pieces.

A piece could be used
right to left,
left to right
upside down.

The million pounds
would be a piece of cake
(I thought)
with my clever mind

and patiently I tried
and tried
and tried
and impatiently
found I could get
right down to one last piece

which didn’t fit
and I could see it wouldn’t
even before I got to it
but still,
had to try
because that’s what makes
a winner
Someone who doesn’t quit

until they announced on TV
in May of 2000
the puzzle had been solved
by no less than two
Cambridge mathematicians
with better brains than I

alas my 1999
and dreams I had of
winning a million pounds
ended as it had begun
with me unable to
complete the sum
of all 209 parts.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

This was called The Eternity Puzzle and was invented by Lord Christopher Monckton 3rd Viscount of Brenchley I don’t know if it was sold in the USA or elsewhere.
Always loved solving puzzles of any type. I love the metal ones that seem impossible to take apart, until you do!
They put it up for sale in June of 1999 and it drove me crazy for about a year, until they solved it and, then it lost some of its appeal. But it was on a piece of flat board and lived under the couch all the time when it wasn’t trying to be solved. LOL

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