Driving highways here, three cars is heavy traffic.
Radio blaring.
Suddenly hear a siren in the distance.
Instant foot off the gas.
Check all mirrors. Can’t see them anywhere.
Heart slows down but, siren goes off again.
Foot on brake. Speed dead on.
Turn radio off. Siren stops!

Was a SONG on the radio!


On the country roads here there is very little traffic and I am guilty of enjoying speed.
That made me feel so bad though, taught me a lesson, for sure .. for a while.
I didn’t realise it was song I hadn’t heard before which had a police siren at various parts through it.
It did give me a fright though, thought: ‘Okay, it’s a fair cop. I’m gonna get a ticket for speeding and, boy was I!’

Shared with G-Man’s Friday Flash 55