It’s always been you
I turn to
seeking solace
when no-one else can say or do
…it’s you

the world
(at times)
seems so unkind
and water falls through
the eye of the storm.

Love knows no time or distance
there is no great divide
yet sometimes
I still try to race against
the rising tides
with tiredness as reward
for folly
(and must remember)
there’s no such thing as

O, sweet, sweet lady of the night
shine upon the shadows in my heart
you are deep in me.
You pull me close then, closer still
with your tidal sway
as deep as the sea and any other
love which lives in me.

You are my peace
You are my rage

Mystic queen of the
blessed night
and I,
I am Cancerian
addicted to you
and the beauty of
your light.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

Shared with Poetry Jam #Inner & Outer limits
Poets United Think Tank #87 #Moon