Beautiful woman, why so sad?
Is life so bad that you’d curl into a ball?
Petals fall through the air in minuscule pieces
sending sweetest fragrance to fill my
senses and, I am sensitive to
those tears you hide.

No, they are not trivial.

You make me want to cry
as I pick up these petals of
your heart and hold them
to my own for,
I too have known
such longing.
In naked truth sometimes we
find answers to questions
we ought never to have asked.


Beautiful woman
I can sit and stare at your
splendid isolation or reach
out to soothe the loneliness
I too must bear.
Time will ease the ache as
memory fades all colour
from those fallen petals.


Look into my eyes and trust that
hope will rise with just one step
into life’s new spring.

Let go the deviant stems.

The pain will end
and you and I will see that
roses bloom again.


© Daydreamertoo         *All rights reserved

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