Daughter of Darkness

She rises from between his horns
out of his cunning mind
writhing in the heat and flames
attached to him for all time by
the cord that soon he’ll slacken
(but will also keep tied tight).

Hands clasped to her naked breasts
but yet she’ll know no sin
for she is
perfection personified.
She is of Satanic spawn and was
made to torment man from the
moment she was born

The devils daughter has arrived
to do his dirty deeds
to trick you or to treat you
to please her masters

He wants a world of darkness
wants to turn us from the light
then he’ll thrive among the evil
but for that he needs an army
…..One of pure Satanic

And she will be his weapon
his wicked
‘Tour de force’
She will slay his enemies with
a cunning of her own
she will be his key to Earth
and will make your soul his home.

Beware the devils daughter for
the flames of hell burn bright
and there’s no escaping Satan
once he has your


© Daydreamertoo      *All rights reserved

Shared with Poetry Picnic #26 7 Deadly Sins