Who will catch me
when I fall
if not you

Not you.

Who will hold this fragile
heart, mend it
when it breaks again
if not you

Not you.

Who will take my hand
without the need
of wearing shame
if not you

Not you.

Who will listen as my mind
speaks a lover’s name
if not you

Not you.

Who will look into my eyes
and see loves refection there
if not you

Not you.

Who will touch my soul
with theirs, mould it
into one
if not you

Not you.

Who will fly with me on
wings that soar into
the light of

If not you




© Daydreamertoo     *All rights reserved

Shared with Poetry Jam Anaphora poem (Repetition)

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

15 thoughts on “Who”

  1. I love this poem. It captures beautifully feelings associated with a loss, yearning, hope. The repetition makes it more powerful. This would sound amazing if recited outloud with emphasis on “Not You.” Thanks for sharing! Loredana from Poetry Jam

  2. YUMMY! I am enjoying this afternoon on here, pure loveliness, emotion does that, paint hues across pages, faces and hearts! I dig this 🙂

  3. bren this is incredible…love the way it plays if not you…into not you…and the repetition of that is powerful through out….really a very well done verse…one of my favs of yours.

  4. Anaphora is a cool tool. really nice sentiments throughout, nice rhythm and flow, great question to, if not then who. Really nice piece. Thanks

  5. Who indeed? It’s like “Not you.” (complete with end-stop finality) hammers that unwanted truth home, again and again, and the whole gives a sense of ‘used-to-be, but not now’ – tragic, sad, and very effective… Well done!

  6. I agree… this is one of your best! The ending is so powerful and the repition worked really well to emphasize (your) deep feelings.

  7. This is one of my favorites .. mesmerizing in the repetition, in the most wonderful way.

  8. This a poignant poem with beautifully used repetition. Makes me think of love lost through death or break up – such yearning.

  9. If not you then who, maybe some cat named Boo, a fire crew, something in the loo, a pile of poo, some nasty goo, the color blue or a cow that can’t moo…hahaha

    Very nice, as the you should be the one.

  10. Bren, this is stunning! This is def a favorite one of yours that I have read. Actually, as I came to its conclusion shivers went through me…that is how strongly it affected me. There truly is something about that repetition that heightens the intensity of this poem! Thanks for finding your way to Poetry Jam!

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