Andy Warhol

They could all be soldiers
lined up there
in red and white uniform
all staring in the same direction.

Stand aaaaaaat ease.’

If you’ve seen one
you’ve seen ’em all.

Maybe O.C.D. would not
allow for variation

after all, it wasn’t Heinz 57
variety isn’t always the
spice of life


I never did see why
anyone could like
tomato soup.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

The photograph and his famous one of the cans of tomato soup made me wonder if Andy Warhol had some type of O.C.D

Shared with Magpie Tales #106

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

19 thoughts on “Andy Warhol”

  1. Tomato soup and ketchup do they blend? They are of the same color, maybe they do! Andy may have created a Pop Art of one. Waiting to be discovered?


  2. Lol Love the sense of humor. I like tomato soup made with milk and have saltines spread with butter yummy or crumble up saltines and put it in the soup or oyster crackers floating on top giggles It is very good with a grilled cheese sandwich-comfort food. Andy’s a great artist and you are a fantastic writer smiles

  3. “O.C.D.” as in “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder” ? … hmmm, interesting twist, if so … Love, cat.

  4. I’m not a tomato soup fan either! (Nor a fan of this particular picture….LOL) Your poem though, that’s another matter.

  5. No soup crossed my lips my OCD does not allow for variation, hit the nail on the head right there, you are good..haha

  6. I agree, I love soup too, but tomato soup I’ve never liked, from taste to sight. really like the first stanza a lot and the way you kept building upon it, the 57 varieties line was a really nice touch as well. Fine piece. thanks

  7. Loved it I mention OCD in my offering too! weird I also hate tinned tomato soup ! loved this thanks for sharing x

  8. not a huge tomato soup man myself…at least not from a can…now put it in chili and we are good…smiles…they do march like soldiers on the shelf…smiles.

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