Mighty man of old
how could you be so bold
in siding with other Titans
against the Olympian Gods
whence you clashed, and lost.

you kneel to better bear the burden
of your brazen foolishness
whilst some were sent to Tartarus
you are tasked to hold the Heavens forever
leaving mortals such as I
to ponder the origins of your birth
when you, Zeus and the other ancient Gods
walked upon the earth.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

This Farnese sculpture  created in marble in the 2nd century is the oldest one known of Atlas and many (like myself) used to think he was holding up the world, hence the expression: ‘Carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders, when in fact, having lost the battle to take Olympus from Zeus he was tasked to Hold up the sky to ensure that the Heavens and Earth would never meet


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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

11 thoughts on “Atlas”

  1. How is it that we didn’t know the truth of what he was holding…so interesting. I love this Bren, you shared a fascinating story…so very well.

  2. The weight of the world upon one’s shoulders is sometimes how life feels. Your image gives your words
    impact. Well written.

  3. Well, add me to one who did not know he was holding up the sky! A beautiful sculpture and well penned poem!

  4. whew – i didn’t know this – always thought as well he’s holding the globe…very nicely captured and thanks for the history lesson…much appreciated

  5. Interesting. I guess it was harder to figure out how to sculpt the sky or perhaps it’s just equal in task. Love how you brought it to present in the end — the wonder of it, the fascination with the myth.

  6. Bren, very nice piece…i like the story behind it as well…and it sounds like you clarified things for several of us as well…and of course there are things we too can learn of the story…smiles…

  7. Hmmm thought it was the earth too, guess now I know. And he should have known, you never mess with Zeus or you’ll get a thunderbolt up your behind..haha

  8. Didn’t he shrug or something too?

    Cool that they knew in the 2nd century we actually do inhabit a large ball, and not a cookie sheet.

    Love your imagination, as always!


  9. Nice mix of rhyme in there with an image of the words like Atlas holding the earth. The story of Atlas is a very interesting one and meaningful. Actually, my first exposure to the story of Atlas was in Atlas Shrugged, so unfortunately I always think of that book when I read Atlas rather than the actual story. But I often pass the statue on Fifth Ave near Rockefeller Center and sometimes pause a bit to regard it…

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