Oh what a night

My twin nephews and I walked through the Royal Pavilion gardens in Brighton, looking at all the uprooted trees.

“Some of these trees are hundreds of years old. Do you know how old that is?”

“I do, I do!” One exclaimed.

“Okay, how old is that then?” I asked

“It was before God was born.”

In 1987 my identical twin nephews were about 6 at the time and in one fell swoop, England lost over 15 million (no exaggeration) trees to a hurricane that was never even forecast. The weather man became (in) famous for telling a woman who had phoned in to ask if there was a hurricane on its way, not to worry but he added, that there may be a little bit of wind overnight.  Michael Fish (the BBC  weather forecaster) never lived it down.

It was the worst storm England had seen in 300 years!

There was damage to housing, businesses, cars, and land that spread its devastation right across most of the whole of southern England. I had never seen anything like it before in my lifetime. Some of the trees were hundreds of years old and had been ripped out of the ground as if they were nothing, roots and all. Lamp posts were bent double and crashed onto parked cars. The damage was dreadful and, 22 people died.

Although I hated the damage, I was also fascinated about what buried treasures there may be under the trees, in earth which hadn’t seen the light of day in all those years. Little bits of history and such, such as old coins, or pottery etc.  We looked but we never found anything.
My twins saying that it was so precious, I’ve never forgotten it.

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Author: Daydreamer

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8 thoughts on “Oh what a night”

  1. Ha!!
    I’m responsible for a little bit of wind every Friday!
    Loved your 55 DD2
    Always something of great interest
    Thank You so much…
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End

  2. hahaha that God response was great. I think you made me like the snow a little more. Would not want such a storm.

  3. smiles..i would have been with you looking for treasure…that is the way my mind works too…everything an adventure…smiles…just a little wind…ha, i am fairly sure weather men know nothing…

  4. That was quite a storm and quite a story. Amazing really how much can be lost in one swoop by Mother Nature.

  5. Ha! “A little bit of wind.” A very good 55, and I like all these history lessons I’m getting along the way. A hundred years old to a six-year old is older than dirt. Happy weekend!

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